Using CloudApp on Mac to Share Files Quickly and Easily

With social media having blossomed in popularity, people are consistently looking for new methods to share their thoughts. While there is no dearth of file sharing services, there are only a few that are specifically dedicated to streamlining the sharing experience, and making things fast and easy for mainstream users. CloudApp is one such tool that offers quick and easy file sharing for Mac users, all in a great user interface with nice add-ons at the user’s disposal.

CloudApp’s tagline is “Share. Files. Fast.” Although I’m not a fan of the sentence fragment style of writing that is growing to be quite popular, I am quite interested in seeing how CloudApp delivers on this promise.

I like CloudApp’s set-up. Just create an account, download a file, and install it. Run the Cloud application (called Cloud, but for continuity in this article we’ll refer to this as CloudApp as that is the title of the website). A new icon will appear in your menubar that looks like a cloud.

In the Preferences menu, CloudApp allows you to set up a hotkey for uploading. Simply by using this hotkey and selecting a file, CloudApp will upload selected file to its server for you. Neat!


Everything that is uploaded can be found on your CloudApp page, which will be arranged according to file type.


CloudApp is pretty darn convenient. It has an option to auto-upload screenshots, which could come in handy when you need to show someone a part of your screen, and want to do that in the quickest way possible.

On top of this, CloudApp also has a bunch of Raindrops that can be added to programs to make them more accessible for CloudApp to share with. For example, a Raindrop for Chrome would shorten a specified URL and publish it via your CloudApp page.


CloudApp uploads are quite speedy. Screenshots upload within seconds, which isn’t surprising. I was quite impressed at the speed with which CloudApp uploaded a 7.2mb .mp3 file though, as it was done in less than a minute. Not to mention CloudApp transitions into a cool animation of a progress bar while executing the upload.


With Twitter restricting a limited amount of characters, CloudApp has the option of automatically shortening a URL of a file, which makes sense.

Cloud App Shortens Url

I decided to try testing the limits of CloudApp by uploading an Entourage file, but quickly realized that I’d have to pay to upload a file of that size. For a mere $5/month, I could get CloudApp Pro, which would allow me to share unlimited files and have a maximum limit of 250mb, which was plenty. In contrast, I am currently at 25MB and ten files per day with a free membership. If you’re interested in uploading larger files, have a look at WeTransfer.

Cloud App Membership

At the end of the day, CloudApp really does streamline the process of uploading and sharing files. Best of all, it’s available for free! Take ten minutes to try it out if you’re interested in this sort of thing.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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