Overview of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Smart Glow Feature

While most phones have a small LED notification light at the front for users to have a glance and know that there’s a notification waiting for them, Samsung thought to go an extra mile and replaced it with a big ring that sits at the back and goes around the camera. The LED notification ring is called Smart Glow and it goes a step further than just showing the usual notifications.

Samsung Smart Glow

There are a few features that come packed with the Smart Glow and in this article, we are taking an overview of the Smart Glow feature and have a look at stuff you can do with it.

Smart Glow Overview

The Smart Glow feature is introduced in Samsung Galaxy J2 itself and it’s only useful if you have the habit of keeping your phone screen down on the desk. However, since there is no significant glass protection on the phone, it’s a matter of concern and, therefore, you might want to apply a screen guard protection to use the feature.

Talking about the hardware, the Smart Glow can generate colors in the RGB scale, and theoretically, that means it can generate 256*256*256=1,67,77,216 (~ 1.6 million) distinct colors. However, most of them will not be that prominent to the human eye and you can practically have as many as 10 to 15 distinct colors.

Samsung Glow Pink

The feature is installed as a separate app and you can find it in the app drawer. Or, you can long tap on the Smart Glow option in the notification drawer settings. The features are Off by default and needs to be turned On on the first use. There are three distinct features by which you can use Smart Glow and these are – Priority Alerts, Usage Alerts, and Selfie Assist. The points below provide a brief on them.

Smaer Glow 5

Priority Alerts

Priority alerts, as the name states, is the feature by which you can add 4 priority apps and set distinct colors for these apps to get glowing notifications through Smart Glow. When you tap on the Edit option next to the empty cells, you can add apps or even individual contacts to it and choose colors from the RGB scale. You can also tap on the view option to get a preview of the notification color.

Smaer Glow 6
Smaer Glow 7

The screen will show your frequently used apps and contacts to make the selection easier. The disadvantage at this stage, is that even though you have the option to choose so many colors, you don’t get the option to add more than four apps and contacts. Which is again, an unnecessary constraint.

Smaer Glow 8

Usage Alerts

Under the Usage Alerts section, you can use the Smart Glow feature to give you a notification when your battery is about to die, or you are about to reach the monthly cellular data limit, or if the phone storage is almost full. The threshold of battery, data and storage can be set for the individual modules and you will have to turn them on individually.

Smaer Glow 14
Smaer Glow 13

One good thing is that you can differentiate between the battery and data notification because of the half and quarter LED ring that will light up, eliminating any confusion even if both notifications are assigned red color.

Selfie Assist

Apart from all the notifications, the last thing you can use the LED ring it to assist you while taking selfies by using the rear 8 MP camera; rather than the 5 MP front facing shooter. When you turn on the Selfie Assist mode in the rear camera mode, the ring will start looking for a face in the area configured in the camera.

Smaer Glow 10
Smaer Glow 11

The feature will guide you using the LED circle and make the semi-circle glow, towards the area where you need to move the camera. When the face is detected fully, the Smart Glow will light up fully and take the photo.


So that as the overview of the all new Samsung Smart Glow. I am not sure how useful the feature will be, placed at the back of the device, when users will have to use it by keeping the phone face down. So you tell me, what do you think about it and would you want to see it on the premium devices that Samsung will launch in the future?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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