Resyum vs Novoresume vs EnhanCV: Best Online CV Maker?

A resume is a tried and tested means of marketing yourself to potential employers. While this should not be the only deciding factor in the awarding of a job, it is important and helps to show off a person’s expertise. Considering its importance, it is understandable that people would want to create the best one possible. I’m not only referring to highlighting qualifications and experience, but more specifically, about how the document is formatted.

Online Resume Maker
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You can take the time to do this yourself manually but there are online tools out there which can assist you with the process and save you the hassle.

You may be an impressive candidate overall but a shoddy resume won’t help your cause. For this reason you may want to consider using one of the three apps we will be reviewing and comparing today. So, let’s get to it.


Resyum is an online tool that really takes a no frills approach to help you create your resume. With Resyum you can do this with either a Facebook or Google account. You will need to create an account and login if you wish to save any resume that you create.

Resyum essentially allows you to create a resume based on the template shown in the sample below.

Reysum Sample 12

When needed you can make changes to your resume by hitting Edit.

Reysum Edit2

You can also Preview changes made while editing and share your resume through a unique link which is provided when you hit the Share button.

Reysum Preview Save Share2

Finally, Tips and Terms in the sidebar of the website are displayed using Google Docs while Feedback is powered by a Google Form. This is a testament to the simple nature of Resyum.

Resyum Additional


While Resyum took a simple but effective approach towards making a no frills but well laid out resume, Novoresume really dials in on making your resume both pleasing to the eye in addition to being well laid out.

Novoresume Main

In order to create your resume, you will first need to create an account on Novoresume by selecting the menu button and selecting the Sign Up button. The menu button is pictured below.

Novoresume Menu

Now you need to select the CREATE RESUME option.

Novoresume Create

There are 5 different templates which you can choose from which can be adjusted depending on your experience level. The experience levels present in Novoresume are Junior (Student/Graduate), Intermediate (1-5 years experience) and Senior (5+ years experience). Currently there have been no provisions made for the Senior level as the developer has decided to focus on the Junior and Intermediate templates for now.

The available templates are:

  • Standard
  • Modern
  • Classic
  • Creative
  • Professional

These templates organize the different categories a little differently as well as give your resume a different overall look.

The Junior and Intermediate levels vary from each other due to the expected difference in levels of experience. With Junior, you will notice that more focus is placed on educational qualifications with this attribute coming first in the Standard, Junior template and Work Experience being displayed as the second attribute.

Novoresume Junior Standard

This is in contrast to the Intermediate, Standard template where Work Experience is displayed first.

Novoresume Intermediate Standard

Novoresume also provides a guide for creating the best resume possible here.


EnhanCV is more streamlined than the other 2 online tools and is very well put together. The resumes which you create with it will also be streamlined and modern in appearance.

Enhancv Main

In order to begin making your resume, select either the Try it Free button pictured above on the left side of the screen or the Let’s Begin option in the menu found on the top-right of the screen.

Enhancv Begin

Before you actually start making your CV you will first be asked about your career field.

Enhancv Begin 1

You will then be asked about your level of experience.

Enhancv Begin 2

You can also personalize EnhanCV to yourself by importing basic

data from LinkedIn

, Facebook or an email address.

Enhancv Begin 3

After completing these steps aimed at personalizing your experience, you will then be able to begin creating your resume.

The base from which you build up your own resume is shown below.

Enhancv Edit

You can make changes to this base by adding new sections, rearranging/editing functions and choosing font colors and backgrounds.

Enhancv Options

When adding information to fields in your CV, you will have the option of viewing examples as seen below on how your information should be formatted.

Enhancv Examples

You will also be offered tips on how to make your resume better actively while creating it.

Enhancv Tips


Resyum is a no frills kind of app as mentioned before but feels too basic, making use of Google Docs and Forms to display/collect information related to the website.

Novoresume and EnhanCV are noticeably more streamlined and actually offer users the ability to customize their templates. They both provide modern looking templates. What sets EnhanCV apart though is that it offers tips while writing as well as examples on how to populate certain fields on the template. Novoresume supplies a guide and there is a sample resume on Resyum but getting feedback during the process of actually editing your CV is a big help with EnhanCV.


EnhanCV reigns supreme but Novoresume isn’t too far behind. Resyum seems more suitable for a situation where you might just need to throw something together quickly.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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