How to Get Android Nougat Boot Animation on Any Android

So, Android Nougat will be releasing later this summer or fall. Google has already pushed out 4 developer previews with many cool features and more to come. You can’t easily get your hands on these updates unless you’ve got at least one device from the Nexus line up. That’s the bitter truth that every Android users has to face. However, the openness of Android makes it easier for users to at least get a taste of the newest update. Be it Android N’s new emojis, the Keyboard or, as in our case, the boot animation.

Android N Boot Animation

When I first started out on rooting Android, I was crazy about boot animations. I would change it every week with new ones. I found it to be so cool. And, it still is. So, if you think the same then let me show how you can get Android N’s slick new boot animation on your Android.


The has been extracted by XDA’s senior member mattwheat from Android N’s developer preview 4.

Install Android N’s New Boot Animation

Step-1: Open your favorite root file explorer and navigate to system/media.

Step-2: Here, you should find a boot animation zip file. The name might be different. You have to create a backup of this file first, in case the new backfires. So, rename the old to In my case, it’s

Android N Boot Animation 1

You might even to might have to rename other related files to boot animation to make it work perfectly.

Step-3: Now, you need to move the Android N to system/media.

Android N Boot Animation 2
Android N Boot Animation 3

Step-4: You’re just one step away. Select the open the properties and change the permissions as shown below.

Android N Boot Animation 4
Android N Boot Animation 5

Step-5: The device is all set. Reboot your phone and enjoy the animation. This is how it looks.

Android N Boot Animation 6

It’s a colorful circular animation which keeps changing after every revolution. It should work on most of the current devices. If it doesn’t work then probably your device’s code isn’t compatible with this zip file. You can always remove the file and restore the backed up boot animation zip file by renaming it to its original form.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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