2 Android Apps to Search Lyrics for Stock Music Player

I mostly prefer to use the stock music player on my phone. It’s tightly integrated with the system and performs well in comparison to any third party app. Yes, there are apps like Musixmatch that have a wide variety of luring features across platforms and premium apps like Poweramp that boost the music experience with robust equalizers. But still, people (like me) want to stick with the stock music player. But, one of the features that the stock music players lack is the support for lyrics. Like Google Play Music, which has no support for lyrics. So what’s the solution?

Lyrics App For Android
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Well, you don’t need to switch to a third party music player. There are some dedicated lyrics apps developed for such use cases. These apps will track the song that’s being played and will show you a notification that it’s found lyrics for the song. All you have to do is simply tap on the notification and the lyrics will be there for you. And yes, the song will keep playing in the background.

In the past, we had shared with you a similar kind of app called Quicklyric. It lets you download the lyrics offline and also shows you the lyrics of the song currently being played. But, you don’t get a notification in the notification drawer to quickly access those lyrics.

1. Kvazar Lyrics

Kvazar Lyrics makes it easy for you to quickly access lyrics of a song being played in your music player. It displays a notification in the notification drawer that it has found the lyrics of the song.

Kvazar Lyrics 1 1

Tap on the notification and the lyrics will open up in the app. Now, you can take this lyric offline if you want. To do so, tap on the pencil icon and the option to save the lyric will show up.

Kvazar Lyrics 2
Kvazar Lyrics 3

You can find these lyrics in the Saved Lyrics tab. Now, there’s also a Batch Search option available. You don’t have to turn on Wi-Fi every time to grab the lyrics for a song. Batch Searchwill find the lyrics of all the songs and save them. You can also select specific songs here.

Kvazar Lyrics 4
Kvazar Lyrics 5

Apart from that, you can change the theme to dark mode and also change the font size according to your liking. I consider this to be the best and quickest app to grab lyrics of a song. Definitely worth a try. And, naturally, it’ll work with any music player.

2. Lyrix

Lyrix doesn’t actually show notifications. But, I had it on this list because it has a cool feature to identify songs from the sound and displays the lyrics.

Lyrix 1
Lyrix 2

If the feature doesn’t work then try out the older version available here. It’s still in experimental phase.

Lyrix 3

Apart from that, you can search for lyrics and save them for offline use. Though quick access to lyrics isn’t available at the time of writing. It also keeps a history of all the songs that you’ve searched.

Explore: A similar and more informative app you should use is Genius. If you want to understand specific phrases and words and their origins in the song then you should definitely try it out. It’s a community of people specifically for empowering lyrics.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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