3 Chrome Extensions to Enhance Incognito Mode Experience

Incognito mode is one of the safest ways to browse stuff that we wanna hide from prying eyes. Search queries that are very embarrassing. Many people even use it for security purposes, like an important banking transaction. Well, for whatever purpose you might use it for, it’s not easy an mode to navigate on. Many options get walled to provide you the best possible encapsulated environment. So, here I’d like to show you some cool Chrome extensions that will help you browse better, privately.

Incognito Browsing Chrome
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1. Temporary Incognito History

Sometimes browsing in incognito mode gets too deep that we feel the need of having a history of opened links. But, that beats the purpose of going incognito. So what about a temporary history that erases itself the moment you close the incognito window?

Off the record history Chrome extension brings you this cool feature for your incognito windows. Install the extension and enable it to be used in the incognito window. Go to settings > extensions > Off the record history > check Allow in incognito.

Off The Record History 1

It keeps the history of the recently closed links and full history. The history gets deleted automatically after you close the window. There’s also a manual delete button for clearing history while browsing.

Off The Record History 2

Did you know? You can disable history for specific websites in Chrome and Firefox browsers.

2. Always Open a Website in Incognito Mode

It’s pretty easy to quickly search or browse in incognito mode by hitting the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N. But what if you can quickly go incognito by simply entering a URL? No need of the shortcut, just enter the URL and an incognito window will open with that website.

Incognito filter extension brings you this ease of use in your daily internet browsing. Install the extension and all you have to do is add the website that you always want to open in an incognito window.

Incognito Filter 1

You can even add a regular expression like /^https:/// to open all websites in HTTPS with incognito window. You need to check Show Advanced Options in order to enable this feature. In the past, we had shared a similar article on this where we displayed similar Chrome extensions like Incognito filter.

Another nice little extension that can complement Incognito filter is Go Incognito. It opens the current tab in incognito mode and simultaneously erases the tab link from Chrome’s history.

3. Quickly Google Search in Incognito Mode

Do you want to hide a Google search from other users? Search queries that are for your eyes only? Search Incognito extension has the answer. It lets you search selected text on a website in an incognito window. In the extension options, all you need to do is select your country to make country specific Google searches and you’re good to go.

Search Incognito 1

Which One Did You Like?

So, these were some of the extensions that can enhance your incognito browsing experience. Let us know if you find out some even cooler incognito based extensions in our comments section.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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