6 Best Clear Cases for iPhone 14 You Can Buy Right Now

The standard Apple iPhone 14 is the most affordable of the new iPhones launched meaning it could also be the most popular model. While it is the most affordable one, the iPhone 14 isn’t cheap by any means. What’s worse is that the repair charges are also high if you end up breaking something. A cheaper way to protect your phone is to get an iPhone 14 clear case.

best iPhone 14 clear case

A clear case serves two purposes — it obviously protects your phone from scratches and dents, and it does so while showing off the back. This way, you don’t have to hide your iPhone behind a generic case. Sounds good? Take a look at some of the best iPhone 14 clear cases of various kinds that you can buy.

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1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is an iPhone 14 clear case that’s protective and dependable. It’s got Spigen’s air cushion technology in the corners that protect your iPhone 14 if at all you drop it. If you want a good amount of protection plus a clear back, you can’t go wrong with this case.

Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid series is available in a few different variants. The Spigen crystal clear case with a glossy back, in our opinion, is the best if you want to show off your phone and that shiny Apple logo. There’s also one with a matte back and one with support for MagSafe which you can get based on your use case. You also get a few color options for the sides.

This case is also lightweight and rather slim, so you won’t be adding any considerable amount of bulk to your iPhone. If you get the variant with colored edges, there won’t be any yellowing either, since the back is also polycarbonate.

However, the one issue you might face with the glossy back is that it can get slippery and accumulate a lot of fingerprints and smudges, especially if you have sweaty hands. Also, if you happen to get the one with clear sides, it tends to get yellow over time.

2. i-Blason Ares Series Case

i-Blason is generally known to make high-quality cases that provide a whole lot of protection for your phone. This iPhone 14 clear case is no different. It’s a dual-layer case that has a clear bank along with a plastic frame that attaches to the front. It’s also got an in-built screen protector.

There aren’t a lot of rugged bumper cases that are clear, so this one from i-Blason stands out. The polycarbonate back shows off your phone while the thick TPU surrounds the edges to absorb shock. A quick look at the corners and you would realize how protective this case is.

It’s a clear case with an in-built screen protector so you don’t have to get one separately. Needless to say, with a protective case like this, you’re adding a whole lot of bulk that might make the phone slightly uncomfortable to use for long durations.

Most of the reviews are excellent, though, and do not complain about the added weight and thickness since that’s the compromise you make for top-class protection.

3. ESR Classic Kickstand Case with HaloLock

You can find several rugged cases out there with various added functionalities like a kickstand or a belt holster. However, there are very few clear cases that provide extra features. This case from ESR is one of them. It’s clear and has support for MagSafe along with an in-built kickstand.

If you want a phone case that performs multiple tasks, ESR has one of the best clear cases for the iPhone 14. The case itself is like any other generic clear case. It has a polycarbonate back along with TPU edges that are bound to turn yellow with time. However, the extra perks that you get may lure you to pick up this case.

For starters, there’s a MagSafe ring on the back to attach accessories. Since the center of the case has the magnets for MagSafe, ESR found a cool way to integrate a kickstand. They’ve put it around the camera module which is a fantastic design choice in our opinion. This way, it doesn’t interfere with the MagSafe accessories.

There are no particular downsides to this case except for the yellowing we mentioned earlier. It would be great if ESR launched this case with black borders along the edges.

4. CASETiFY Essential Case

CASETiFY is generally known for its customizable clear cases that are also extremely protective. However, this one’s slightly different. It’s a simplistic clear case that doesn’t have any designs or patterns. It’s also rather slim so don’t expect a whole lot of protection for your iPhone.

The CASETiFY clear case for iPhone 14 is a slim case with colored edges so that they don’t turn yellow. Despite being slim, you get a polycarbonate back plate that protects the glass back from shattering. There’s also the signature CASETiFY ring around the camera lens to protect it from getting scratched.

It is slightly on the pricier side, though, considering it doesn’t offer anything extra like a kickstand or MagSafe compatibility. You can get it in two color options — black and purple. The reviews say that it’s a good case if you don’t want to add a lot of bulk, but at the same time, there are cheaper cases that serve the exact purpose.

5. OtterBox Prefix Series Clear Case

Here’s a protective clear case for your iPhone 14 that also adds a little bit of shine to your phone. The OtterBox Prefix case isn’t as thick or bulky as some other cases from the brand, but still offers a good deal of protection. It’s also clear with some glitter accents that add to the overall appeal of the case.

Most clear cases have the same look in the sense that they have a transparent window through which you can see the back of the phone. However, this OtterBox clear case for the iPhone 14 is a little different. The Stardust variant of this case has glitter particles spread across the back of the case that add a unique look.

If you’re not a fan of this shiny look, you can always opt for some sober colorways like the black and clear version which has black borders and a completely transparent back. As for the case itself, it’s protective and adds a good amount of grip while you’re holding the phone. However, if you get the completely clear version, the sides may turn yellow with time since they are made of TPU.

OtterBox cases include a lifetime warranty that you can claim if your case has any imperfections or starts disintegrating with time. You can also take a look at the Speck clear case for the iPhone 14 if you want more options in terms of colors and designs.

6. Apple Clear Case with MagSafe

We’re speaking about accessories for an iPhone, so Apple’s first-party case has got to be there, right? The Apple iPhone 14 clear case with MagSafe is a transparent case made of hard polycarbonate. It has the MagSafe ring on the rear to attach accessories and looks quite simple.

Like most things Apple, this clear case for the iPhone 14 is quite expensive. The materials used in the construction of this case aren’t as premium compared to some other cases on this list. It’s quite hard and hence, can snap easily from the corners if you repeatedly take off the case. It’s not great in terms of drop protection either since there’s no cushioning on the edges.

However, since it’s a first-party case, it has the best compatibility with the iPhone 14. The MagSafe magnets are strong, and you also get an exclusive animation when you put on the case.

However, it’s slippery, thanks to the materials used which is another reason we wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend it unless you want a clear case straight from Apple.

Protection Is Clearly Important

Protecting your brand-new phone is an important task. While you can get just about any case you want, consider getting these iPhone 14 clear cases if you wish to show all your friends that you’ve got yourself a brand new iPhone.

Last updated on 20 October, 2022

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