6 Best Car Mounts for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a big, heavy phone. Any average car mount can’t handle this phone’s the weight and size easily. Even if you somehow manage place it, the phone might end up on the car floor or just pop out. Thankfully, there are a few car mounts for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

These mounts walk the thin line between affordable and premium phone accessories. Moreover, they are durable.

So if you are searching for car mounts for your Galaxy S22 Ultra, here are the best ones. But before that,

1. Mongoora Car Phone Mount

The Mongoora universal phone mount is an affordable air vent mount. It has a conventional design with arms on either side and a stand at the bottom to hold the phone in position. It fits the air vent on your car’s dashboard and you can rotate it 360-degree if you want to switch your phone from portrait to landscape mode.

It’s strong enough to withstand bumps along the road and stays in place. Of course, you will see the mount moving a little while driving through a terrible patch.

That said, the mount is easy to handle. You just have to push the button to take out the phone. At the same time, the slot between the stand lets you route the charging cable to the phone. However, you can’t pull out the bottom tray since it’s fixed.

Though the Mongoora universal phone mount is a good proposition for an affordable phone mount, it’s not as durable as others on this list. However, if you want one for short-term use, it bundles all the essential features.

2. Loncaster Car Phone Holder

The Loncaster phone holder is unique from the rest of the phone mounts in this list. Unlike most holders, which mount on the windshield or the air vent, it goes on the car dashboard. It’s a stable stand and grips the phone tight. The only limitation is that your car’s dashboard needs to have a flat area to keep the mount.

It’s a low-profile case and holds firmly in place. Moreover, the silicone of the mount prevents any untoward scratch marks on the phone. The phone is easy to insert and take out. All you need to do is push it down on the slot.

The Loncaster phone holder is popular on Amazon and has received its share of praises from its user base for its adhesion, straightforward installation, and solid build. Several users have commended its sturdy and solid build.

As long as you can adjust to view Google Map in the landscape mode, you should be clear. However, if you live in a particularly hot area, the direct sun on the dashboard may cause the phone to heat up sooner.

3. VICSEED Car Phone Holder Mount

The Vicseed car phone mount has a major advantage over the Mongoora phone mount—the adjustable tray at the bottom. This feature makes it easier to adjust big phones like the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Another good feature is the soft-release button which makes it a charm to remove the phone when needed.

It’s a flexible phone mount, and you can easily switch between portrait mode and landscape mode. You can also use the flexible noose to adjust the phone’s position as per your preference.

The Vicseed phone mount is popular on Amazon for its durability. Users love the fact that it stays put in the position. A user has commented that they completed a 1500-mile ride without having to adjust or tighten the phone mount. They had a Samsung S21 smartphone.

4. andobil Car Phone Mount

If you are more comfortable with a dashboard phone mount, you should have a peek at the andobil car phone mount. One of the main advantages of this suction-based mount is that you can adjust the arm as per your preference. So if you want the phone on a low level, you can lower the arm.

It’s a sturdy and solid phone mount and holds the phone tightly, even on bumpy roads. It is wide enough to hold the Galaxy S22 Ultra and other big phones like the iPhone 13 Pro Max with ease. At the same time, it has the usual bells and whistles like a slot at the bottom for the charging cable, big arms to support phones with thick cases, etc.

Another highlight is its customer service. They quickly respond and help out with installation issues and the like. It’s worth noting that this car mount for Galaxy S22 Ultra has over 6,000 user reviews.

Alternatively, you can check out the Encased Phone Holder Car Mount.

5. iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Universal Car Mount

Another suction phone mounts for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the iOttie Easy One Touch 5. As suggestive of its name, it’s a touch-based mount. All you need to do is touch your S22 Ultra against the bed of the mount, and the arms will close on their own. Cool, right?

As noted earlier, it’s a suction mount and sits on the dashboard. And like the one above, it has a telescopic arm that extends and pivots the phone to the point of your choice. These features help you with hands-free navigation and answering calls.

The suction and the adhesion are solid, and it stays put even in hot weather. At the same time, the arms and the stand below can easily accommodate bigger phones like the Galaxy S22 Ultra.


6. MOKPR Auto-Clamping Car Mount

The Mokpr phone mount does the double duty of holding your phone and charging it wirelessly. For its price, it bundles quite a few nifty features. For one, it supplies 10W of power to Samsung phones. Secondly, like its counterpart above, it’s an auto-clamping phone mount, and you do not have to go into the hassles of putting in your phone manually.

At its heart, the Mokpr phone mount is an air vent mount compatible with various air vents. And like all premium air vents, the arms and the stand below are flexible enough to accommodate bigger phones.

It works as advertised, and you get a secure grip and a rotatable mount. The installation process is easy and simple. So far, it has amassed several positive reviews on Amazon, with users loving its charging power and easy-to-use nature.

Mount it!

These were some of the best car mounts for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone. If the range of motion is your top priority, we’d recommend you get one with a telescopic arm to be able to point the phone in the direction of your choice.

Last updated on 02 May, 2022

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