5KPlayer: The Best 4K HD Player for Windows and Mac

I am a huge sucker for movies, to be precise, high-definition movies. So it was only natural that when I heard about 5KPlayer, I was excited to give it a try.

5 Kplayer 1

The 5KPlayer bills itself as a power-packed media player and includes a number of awesome features. Available both for Windows and Mac, its touted to be one of the best H.265/HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) player in the market.

I know you guys are excited to learn more about this media player, so here are some of the awesome features of the 5KPlayer, the free HEVC Player for playing 4K or UHD movies and videos/movies.

Download the 5KPlayer

1. 4K HD Player

First and foremost, let me start with the highlight of the 5KPlayer. However, before that let’s start with what H.265/HEVC signifies.

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HEVC stands for High Efficiency Video Coding, is a video codec which compresses video files by making use of the H.265 encoding format. Mainly used for compressing 4K movies and videos, this also makes HEVC format files more difficult to play.

Thankfully, the 5KPlayer solves this issue for Windows easily. All you need is to get the video on to your system, double-click on it and voila! The results will be right there for you to see.

2. Support for AirPlay

Another cool highlight of the 5KPlayer is the built-in support for AirPlay. Not only does it work on your Windows computer but also on AppleTV.

5 Kplayer 5

The only condition for this trick to work is that both the iOS device (iPod, iPhone or iPad) is connected to the same network as your computer.

5 Kplayer 2
5 Kplayer 3
To AirPlay content from your phone, you’d have to download Bonjour Print Services for Windows and turn on the AirPlay service.

3. Support for Multiple Formats

The signs of a good media player can be determined from the number of file formats it supports. Keeping true to its tagline, the 5KPlayer supports a number of file formats and form.

5 Kplayer 9

So, whether it’s MKV/WMV/MP4/AVI/MP3/M2TS/FLV/4K or 1080p video, it would be able to play them.

What’s more, you can even choose to convert a video file as per your choice.

4. Play Trending Radio

Another cool thing about the 5KPlayer is the live radio feature. It can receive satellite radio and lets you listen to live radio stations depending on your location.

5 Kplayer 10

Few notable examples of radio stations include BBC, Planet Rock, The Buffalo, NBC, etc.

All you need to do is navigate to the Live section and choose from the available presets or input the radio URL in the address bar above.

5. Hardware Acceleration

5KPlayer also has a built-in support for DirectX Video Acceleration aka Dxva2 hardware acceleration which stabilizes UHD (or other high-resolution) video playback.

5 Kplayer 6

The Dxva2 hardware acceleration is an API used to speed up video processing so as to ensure a high-quality playback.

In a nutshell, it helps you to enjoy a seamless movie experience. To enable it, right-click on the home-screen and select Hardware Accel from the menu.

6. Stay on Top

We, at Guiding Tech, have written a lot about the Picture-in-Picture mode of Android Oreo or the Pop-up view in Samsung phones. These features lets you enjoy not only the video but also lets you go about your work at the same time.

Thankfully, a feature similar to the above also makes an appearance in the 5KPlayer.

5 Kplayer 8
So, if you’d like the videos to run while you go about your work, just a click on Stay on Top will do the trick. Shhh … don’t let your boss know!

7. DVD Player

The main highlight of the 5KPlayer is its ability to play HEVC movies and this feature can be extended to Blu-ray videos as well.

So if you have a stash of Blu-ray movies lying in your TV cabinet, here’s a perfect opportunity for a movie marathon.

8. Simple Interface

Last, but not the least, the 5KPlayer boasts of a simple interface. All the major features are displayed right on the front page and the library is only a tap away.

5 Kplayer 11

Moreover, the minimalist design makes sure that no intruding element is present in the header or footer.

All you need to do is right-click on the screen and the detailed menu would be presented to you right-away.

So … to Conclude

The best thing about the DearMob’s 5KPlayer is that it’s free and measures about 37-MB in size. All you have to do is register with your email ID and name, and the license code would be emailed to you.

5KPlayer also supports a number of streaming sites from where you can offload videos to your system. What’s interesting is that you can have all the features you’d want in a media player under a single roof.

Apart from that, you can also customize the file association along with the option to convert video to audio. Plus, the awesome keyboard shortcuts make the ride even more easy.

So, the next time you’re annoyed about the constant switch between the music and video player, do remember that there’s an awesome player which wraps up all the essential features beautifully.