Get Instant Access to Facebook from Any Android Screen

Facebook keeps building new apps just like any tech company to keep up with latest developments in the tech world. It mostly rolls out its latest innovations on iOS, making us Android users feel a little bit left out. However, innovation is not far away from third-party Android app developers. With full access to Android OS’ source, it’s just a playground for them. To prove that I’d like to share a cool app with you toady.

Bubble For Facebook

This innovation comes from the developer Floatricks who developed a new and cool way to instantly access Facebook from any screen. It’s a bubble. A bubble that shows notifications and when tapped, opens a sidebar that gives you access to Facebook. The app is called Bubble for Facebook. It opens a sidebar style activity which doesn’t take over as a full-screen. That means you can easily do multitasking with Facebook as it opens on top of an already running app.

So, let’s dig into this app and see what awesome features it offers.

Bubble for Facebook

Bubble for Facebook was built for better multitasking and quick access to your favorite content on Facebook. Along with access to Facebook, it also allows you to add your favorite Pages in the sidebar. Let’s have a look at some of its prominent features.

The Sidebar

Bubble For Facebook 1
Bubble For Facebook 2

Right after you install the app, the Bubble will take its place. You’ll be asked to select your favorite Pages that need to be shown in the Favorites tab. As you can see in the screenshot above, there are two tabs. The first is to browse Facebook and the other is the Favorites tab.

Bubble For Facebook 3
Bubble For Facebook 4

You can use this Favorites tab to get updated with the latest news by adding your favorite news sources and publishers. The bubble also shows notifications of new posts in the Favorites tab. The notifications are shown on the bubble and not in the notification drawer. You can personalize this tab for various purposes.

The app doesn’t only contain the sidebar. It’s also a full-fledged app. Every post from the sidebar gets opened in the app. So, let’s have a look into its settings and customizations.

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Settings and Customization

Bubble For Facebook 5
Bubble For Facebook 6

In the settings menu, you can change which Pages you want to remove or add in the Favorites list. Turn off image posts to save data. You can even change the notification settings of the bubble.

Customization of the Bubble is also available. You can change the size and transparency. (I’d also like to change the icon of the Bubble because it kind of sucks. It’s not available.) The bubble can be visible on the lock screen and the sidebar will also open on the lock screen itself. That’s totally cool.

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Best Alternative Client for Facebook?

That depends on your Facebook usage and the purpose you use it for. Yes, it’s the best app for multitasking with Facebook and it’s also lightweight. I’d suggest if you’re casual user, go for it. It’s memory friendly. For the addicted, you’ll miss a lot of features. Yes, you can post, share and download content from this app. But you should rather look into these better alternatives.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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