How to Claim the T-Mobile Tuesdays Stock and Rewards

T-Mobile announced in June a new weekly event for existing wireless customers called T-Mobile Tuesdays. It promises free stuff given away every single Tuesday without any gimmick or requirement attached to it, as long as you’re a T-Mobile subscriber. Additionally, customers get a free share of $TMUS stock in the U.S. stock trade.

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The U.S. wireless carrier’s giveaway app has been quite a dud so far | Photo: Gil C / Shutterstock

However, many customers have complained from the get-go that the T-Mobile Tuesdays app is confusing, doesn’t work and makes redeeming rewards and the free stock difficult. T-Mobile has made updates, but the woes continue. Let’s go through exactly how to make the most of T-Mobile Tuesdays for iOS and Android.

Tip: If you have a T-Mobile handset that isn’t an iPhone or Android phone, visit

How to Redeem T-Mobile Tuesday Prizes

For the record, it is a Tuesday at the time of writing this, and that’s no accident. If you open the app on any other week, it’s pretty close to useless.

T Mobile Tuesdays My Stuff Prizes Redeem Wendys Stubhub 1
T Mobile Tuesdays My Stuff Prizes Redeem Wendys Stubhub 2

On a Tuesday, however, opening the app reveals one of two main prize opportunities. The first is this week’s “loot” which is just a weekly sweepstakes you can enter for free. You find out right away if you’ve won or not by pressing Play Now and then playing the game to see if you’ve won the grand prize.

This week’s sponsor is StubHub, so I can play the game to win anything up to basic StubHub tickets to a full-on concert trip. I played the game and won a “night out” with StubHub, so that was added to My Stuff.

T Mobile Tuesdays My Stuff Prizes Redeem Wendys Stubhub 3
T Mobile Tuesdays My Stuff Prizes Redeem Wendys Stubhub 4
Tip: If you don’t care to play for the weekly grand prize, you can still get you usual prizes by tapping the menu icon at the top right and clicking My Stuff

My Stuff is where the rest of your Tuesday prizes are held. Every Tuesday, you get three redeemable prizes right away. These don’t require any gameplay, they just show up in your My Stuff panel. For the past several weeks, these prizes have been a free small Frosty from Wendy’s, a free ride with Lyft and a free movie rental with Vudu. These are obviously nice freebies, but hopefully in the Tuesdays to come T-Mobile will mix things up a bit.

T Mobile Tuesdays My Stuff Prizes Redeem Wendys Stubhub 5
T Mobile Tuesdays My Stuff Prizes Redeem Wendys Stubhub 6

Every offer redeems differently. The Frosty requires you just show your phone to the cashier while redeeming it in app, while others like Lyft lets you claim it directly by following a link and/or entering in a promo code.

How to Redeem Free T-Mobile Stock

This is the part that is especially confusing. It seemed upon hearing the initial announcement that every T-Mobile customer would receive a free share of stock. It turns out this is not the case.

The reality is that only new customers to T-Mobile who bring their phone number over from a previous carrier are eligible for the stock prize. Additionally, those new customers qualify for even more shares for every person they refer to join T-Mobile. Existing T-Mobile customers, i.e. folks who have been T-Mobile subscribers since before T-Mobile Tuesdays, do not qualify for this offer.

If you are someone who does qualify for the free stock, it should be under My Stuff in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. Click Redeem, then you’ll have to set up a brokerage account and claim the stock through LOYAL3.


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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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