3 Great Shower Heads for a High-Tech Wash

Just about everything these days is getting some sort of technological or Wi-Fi enabled upgrade: light bulbs, refrigerators, water pitchers and yes, even shower heads. But forgive me if I think the latter is a bit more practical than having apps on your refrigerator door. It might just be a shower head, but a nice shower can be one of the most relaxing parts of a day. If a shower head comes along that can play music or start a light show, I’m all for it.

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Well it turns out there are several high-tech shower heads that can transform something so ordinary into a futuristic experience. The best part is they aren’t even that expensive.  Here’s the top three shower heads for true gadget lovers.

1. DreamSpa Color-Changing Shower Head

This really cool shower head from DreamSpa has built-in LED lights to change the color of the water as it flows from the top. Even more clever is that the color can automatically change based on the temperature of the water. Think red if it’s very hot, blue if it’s very cold and a host of colors in between.

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Photo: DreamSpa

The shower head is made of chrome and includes five different settings including power rain, pulsating massage and economy options to save water. Plus the LED lights built in should last over for 100,000 hours or 10 years of regular use.

This DreamSpa shower head goes for about 35 bucks on Amazon. It’s a great pick for anyone with kids who want shower time to be a tad more lively.

2. H2OVibe Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head

This shower head from H20Vibe has a convenient Bluetooth 3.0 speaker built right in to the middle of the shower head. The water pours around it while you get to listen to your music directly in the shower. The speaker also includes a microphone so you can make phone calls if you connect your smartphone. Its noise reduction should help get rid of any sound from the water falling around it too.

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Photo: H2OVibe

You should get around 11.5 hours of playback out of the speaker (or 15 days of standby) after which it pops out of the shower head for charging.

As a shower head jet it doesn’t appear to have many settings, but is rather just a basic rain shower head. The installation shouldn’t be too complicated though — just a few minutes of your time according to the manufacturer.

You can get the H20Vibe Bluetooth Speaker shower head on Amazon for $45.

Tip: Amazon Home Services offers installation of this product for an estimated $99. Just choose Include Installation

3. Decor Star Stainless Steel Shower Panel

If you really want to go absolutely all out for tech in your bathroom, check out this Decor Star 004-SS stainless steel shower panel. It requires a bit more of a complex installation, but it’s a beauty. No, you won’t find color-changing LED lights or Bluetooth speakers, but sometimes technology can just mean a dramatic improvement of features that already existed.

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Photo: Decor Star

This shower panel mounts to your wall and sprays out from up to five different locations with a number of possible settings. You have your rainfall over the top, waterfall, handheld shower and horizontal massage that sprays out horizontally. The five knobs independently control each setting.

The Decor Star shower panel of bliss isn’t cheap though: it’ll run you $270 on Amazon.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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