Start Your Mornings With These 2 Smart Alarm iOS Apps

Mornings are great for some people while some of us absolutely hate them. Whichever category you fall into, the importance of mornings should not be underestimated. A good morning can possibly make or break the rest of your day.

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It’s probably a good idea to do what we can to ensure that our morning goes well and whatever we can do to ensure this should be valued. In this article we will be looking at 2 smart alarm apps which not only wake you up, but also provide useful information which can help shape your mornings in the right way.

1. Morning Kit

Morning Kit is a useful smart alarm app which displays useful information based on the user’s choices.

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With Morning Kit when you open the app, you will notice that there are 4 panels which display information, above the alarms section. In the screenshot above you will notice that the weather, the date, a world clock and an inspirational quote are being displayed.

What is being displayed in these various panel positions can be customized however and you don’t need to stick with this default setup.

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You can choose the panels you wish to have in these various positions from within the app’s settings.

These are the various panels that are available:

  • Weather
  • Date
  • Calendar
  • World Clock
  • Quotes
  • Flickr
  • Exchange rates

Of course you have the ability to add and edit alarms. You can set multiple alarms.

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You can easily just swipe to delete these alarms if you no longer need one or more of them.

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You should also take note of how to refresh your various panels as well as where the app’s Settings section is located.

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From within Settings, there are a few themes that you can choose from in order to give the app a different look.

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This app is effective at what it proposes to do and is quite simple to set up. It is also visually appealing.

2. Alarmr

Alarmr is actually quite visually appealing as well and maybe even a bit more polished in terms of looks than Morning Kit. It has a variety of features which can assist you in having a successful morning.

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Alarmr is divided into 3 tabs. The first tab allows for the actual setting of alarms. You need to swipe to the right to access the other 2 tabs.

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Alarms can also be configured where a random challenge such as a math puzzle must be solved in order to deactivate the alarm.

The second tab shows the app’s feed. What is displayed here can be customized in the app’s settings.


You have the option of enabling/disabling the following on your feed:

  • Latest Weather
  • Today’s Schedule
  • Recent Tweets
Feed Setup

Another notable feature is the app’s Sleep Timer feature. You can set a music track to play for a predetermined amount of time during the night.


There are also a few themes that can be selected in order to change up the look of the app.


There is also a flashlight feature that can be utilized.


This app is also effective at what it proposes to do.


Alarmr is a more attractive app but the feature set of both apps allows for an effective morning routine in either case. The items that can be displayed in either app’s feed varies but one app’s feed options aren’t necessarily better than the next one’s.

If you decide that you need this type of app in your life, you should note that the choice between these 2 apps really comes down to what you want to be displayed in your feed. Tweets may be important to you or you may wish to view motivational quotes in the morning.

The random puzzle feature of Alarmr is neat as well but this is probably not necessary and not everyone will want such a feature. Based on your desired feature set, you will have to choose which app suits you best.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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