How to Send Self Destructing Encrypted Messages Online

Encryption is what we look for nowadays in all the web services that we use. But sometimes, encryption ain’t enough. Some messages are just too crucial that can’t rely only on the barricade of encryption. So, the best way to keep a message secure and away from the reach of wrong people is to let it self-destruct after some period of time.

Encyrpt Message Self Destruct Online
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Encryption is not software that you can break in few seconds or minutes. It can take hours or even days. So, the best way to keep a message safe is to send it in encrypted form and let it self-destruct after 1 viewing or after few hours/days if the recipient doesn’t view it.

Well, that’s what I’m going to show today. Let’s see how you can do it.

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Sending Encrypted Message that Self Destructs after Limited Period of Time

Step-1: Download this Chrome app called Lockify.

Step-2: Open the app and enter your message in the text box.

Lockify 1

Step-3: Select an option through which the recipient can verify his/her identity. You can choose among the following 4 options.

Lockify 2

Step-4: Here, I’ve chosen the first option to ask a question. You get different options along with that. You can select how many times the recipient can give a wrong answer until the message destroys. Also, you can allow the recipient to give close answers if you want.

Lockify 3

Step-5:  Click on Make Lockify Link and you’ll be presented with a link that you’ll have to share with the recipient.

Lockify 5

You can do that the way you want. You can also Switch to QR code and send that to the recipient. The recipient will receive the message and shall unlock it when he/she verifies his/her identity. The message/link will expire after viewing it 1 time or within 3 days.

Lockify 7

You cannot alter this limit without a registered account. In fact, most of the features are not available without a registered account. The Lockify team are currently not accepting any registration but you can enter your email address on the waiting list to get notified when it gets available for everyone.

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How Secure is it?

The encryption used by Lockify actually works on the machine from which you create the link. Encryption doesn’t occur at the server level or in the cloud. In fact, when you create the link it remains encrypted on the server.

The link contains the decryption key. So, it’s your job to safely send it to the recipient. After the recipient views the link 1st time or within 3 days, the link will be destroyed. The message or the file sent by will be erased from the server.

It makes use of end-to-end 256 AES encryption along with HTTPS everywhere. And the best thing is that it doesn’t require any registration and it works well without it.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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