3 New Apple Music Features in iOS 10 Worth Knowing

If you’re familiar with the plethora of new features coming in iOS 10, you probably already know about the drastic Apple Music redesign just one year after its debut. It has a new UI with better navigation and much smarter music recommendations.

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All that is fantastic, but sometimes it’s the little things that can really add up and contribute to a pleasant experience. It’s worth going over a few of the new Apple Music features Apple perhaps didn’t stress as much at the WWDC 2016 keynote, or just left out entirely. Check out these smaller, but still much appreciated tidbits coming in iOS 10.

1. Better Integration with iTunes Downloads

As if the iTunes app on Mac and PC wasn’t already messy enough, tacking Apple Music onto it last year made a bad situation worse. Music imported to your library, purchased from iTunes and saved from Apple Music were all conglomerated under one roof and it was easy to get lost in all of it on any device.

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Fortunately, with iOS 10 and the Apple Music makeover, Apple did a much better job of distinctly labeling what music is part of the subscription service and what is from iTunes. First, Downloaded Music now has its own prominent section. If you only care about what’s saved to your phone, whether from Apple Music or iTunes, it’s available here. You can assume everything else in your library is Apple Music streaming content.

Apple Music also mixes download buttons and Add to Library buttons, which makes everything a bit more clear. If you’re looking at an album that you’ve previously purchased some songs from, you can tell by looking at the Download icon next to it, though you can still stream it from the cloud if you want to. If you didn’t purchase a song and it’s available on Apple Music, you can opt to just add it to your library instead.

2. Better 3D Touch

3D Touch gets more love in the Apple Music redesign for two reasons. For one, the Music app has its own widget on the Home screen. 3D touch the icon and you can see your recent albums and playlists right there for easy access.

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Inside the app, 3D Touch lets you get to song and album options. 3D Touch any content to bring up a menu that lets you view the album, add it to your library, add to your playlist, play next or play later, create a station based on it or share it. You can also tap Love or Dislike to let Apple Music know about your tastes.

3. Scrollable Now Playing

The Now Playing view in Apple Music now has more features than you might think. At first glance it looks downright plain, but you can now flick up to reveal what’s underneath. First, if a song supports lyrics, you can tap Show next to Lyrics to scroll through them.

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Ios 10 Apple Music Redesign 3D Touch Lyrics Queue 6

Underneath that is your entire Up Next queue that you can drag and drop to customize. Gone is the dedicated icon to view what’s in the queue — just scroll to see it all.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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