How to Zoom In On Photos and Videos on Chrome

Are you a photoholic or just love watching cute cat images online? Imgur and Reddit are two places on the internet to satisfy your such daily cute image appetite. But, did you ever feel while using these websites you’re spending a bit extra time somewhere? NO? I’ll tell you. In order to view images in it’s enlarged form you need to actually click on the image and go to a new page. Yes, that might just take half a second or more than a second depending on your network speed. But, it’s still a waste of time in loading a new page to view images in its full view. So, I’m going to show you today a way to cut this extra work and save some time while you browse such websites.

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I’m going to show you a Chrome extension that will enlarge images by just hovering your cursor over it. And, not just images but also videos. So, without further ado, let’s dig in.

Hover Zoom Plus

The extension that we are going to use is called Hover Zoom+. It enlarges images, GIFs, and videos when the cursor is placed over the link containing the image or the actual image. Before talking about the extension let’s dig in some history.

The Dark History: So, Hover Zoom+ is the open source Malware free version of HoverZoom. HoverZoom was the first extension bring in this concept to view images in its enlarged form back in 2013. It got popular from the day it was uploaded on Chrome Web Store. With over 700,000+ users HoverZoom was ruling the web store. Until, out of greed, the developer placed in a script to replace ad links with his own affiliate code and also started stealing user data. Well, every evil has to come to an end. And here, the source itself ended the evil. The developer removed the extension from the web store. Read the full story here.

Not to worry about Hover Zoom+. It’s clean and it’s flourishing every day. Also, it’s open source. Now, let’s see what does it have for us.

Zoom in Images and GIFs

Hover Zoom ONLY enlarges the image that has an anchor link pointing to the image URL. When you hover the cursor over an image and if the cursor turns into a hand then that image has an anchor link wrapped around it. So, the script actually makes use of that anchor link to show you the full view of the image. You won’t be able to zoom in on images on Guiding Tech because our images don’t have an anchor link pointing to the image URL.

So, after you install the extension the script will start its action. Though you’ll need to reload the web pages in order to try it out at first install. It supports most web services.

Hover Zoom

Not just images but even links that point to an image will be enlarged. There are specific plugins for each website that it supports. You can choose to always show high-resolution images. It will also affect GIF images.

Handy Shortcuts

Another great feature is shortcuts that can be used when the image is enlarged. These shortcuts known as Action Keys allow you to save images, open image in new tab/window, activate full zoom and navigate through the image gallery.

Also, in a situation where you’re scrolling through Google images, Hover Zoom will keep triggering the zoom when the cursor is on an image. But you don’t want to zoom into all images. So, in such cases, you can use the action key X to temporarily turn off Hover Zoom until the key is kept held.

Filter Websites

Let’s say you’ve got some websites on which you don’t want Hover Zoom to work. So, you can simply add them to the blacklist. Or else you can do the opposite. Simply create a whitelist of the websites on which Hover Zoom will be enabled.

Hover Zoom 1

Zoom Videos

You can also enlarge MP4 and WebM videos. Though you don’t get any options like play/stop/forward or any action keys for these enlarged videos. Most helpful when scrolling through video results on Google and YouTube.

Hover Zoom 3

Keep History of Zoomed Images and Videos

Going into the Advanced options you’ll get the option to add viewed images/videos in Chrome history.

Hover Zoom 4

Also, if you’re on a high-speed unlimited internet plan then you can choose to Automatically preload Zoomed Images for faster results.


Imagus is a similar extension to Hover Zoom+. It too can enlarge images and videos. In Imagus, you get much more power by setting rules on how the extension should behave for specific websites.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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