How to Set Up Quick and Easy Facebook Birthday Alerts With JibJab

If you have a huge number of friends on Facebook, which most of us do these days, you would agree that one major hassle that comes with keeping a long friend list is keeping track of the birthdates. Granted you wouldn’t need to remember each of them, but even if the number is greater than 10, chances are you won’t remember them.

For those of you that do not possess superhuman memory abilities, all of these dates can be a tad bit daunting. Being a member of this Facebook society, you can either write all of these birthdays down in your day planner (good luck) or you can read this guide and let technology do all the work for you. I suggest the latter.

This article talks about JibJab, a third-party tool that sends you Facebook birthday alerts. Now, Facebook does show birthdays on your homepage sidebar, and also sends weekly emails (I guess), but both the methods aren’t as effective. Lets see how JibJab works.

Activating JibJab

Step 1: Follow the link to the JibJab website. Look near the top of the page for the image shown below. Click on the Connect with Facebook icon.

Connect With Facebook1

Step 2: The following window will be revealed, requesting for permission to access your basic information and your friends’ birthday information. Select Allow.

Allow Permission1

Step 3: Another Request for Permission follows the first, this time with the intent to send you email notifications of the upcoming birthday on your ever-expanding Friend List. Select Allow if you want to be kept in the loop via email, and Don’t Allow if you would rather just look on Facebook. Although, the email feature is kind of the whole point.

Allow Email Notifications1

JibJab will send you an email to whatever address you have associated with Facebook and in that email there will be a link to the Birthday Alert page that should look identical to the one below. On that page, there will be a list just like the one shown below, showcasing upcoming birthdays and providing the option of sending a digital ecard to each person.

Birthday Alert

And now that you are done, you will receive daily emails of upcoming birthdays on Facebook. All of your friends will be shocked at just how thoughtful you are when you always manage to send them birthday emails right on time. Take the praise! You deserve it. ????

Let us know how it all went down in the comments.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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