Top 4 iOS Apps to Help Get You Motivated

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Turn that frown upside down. You’ve seen plenty of to-do list apps for iPhone and Android. They’re everywhere and for many people, they work great. But how functional can a to-do list really be if you don’t have any motivation to get anything done? It’s time to get motivated to make some changes and be productive.

Get motivated to get stuff done with these essential iPhone apps. (via Shutterstock)
Get motivated to get stuff done with these essential iPhone apps | Shutterstock

Whether you want to wake up on time in the morning, complete your task list for the day, or stay on track with your diet and exercise, Guiding Tech has you covered. Here are the top five apps on iOS to get and stay motivated.

1. MotivAction

MotivAction is a to-do list app that’s designed to also keep you motivated to get those tasks done. It works by incorporating a game into the app. Your partner-in-crime throughout MotivAction is Achi, a white ball that desperately wants to reach the mountain peak. Every time you complete a task, Achi moves slightly closer to the peak. It reaches that peak when you’ve finished all your tasks for the entire week.

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The game aside, MotivAction includes everything you could possibly need to keep a comprehensive task list. You can set due dates, reminders, add subtasks and notes, turn on repeat and more. Plus it’s wrapped up in a gorgeous, modern UI. You’ll earn badges over time for completing tasks and getting Achi to the mountain peak too.

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MotivAction is $4.99 for iPhone and iPad.

2. Carrot To-Do and Carrot Alarm

You’ve probably heard of the famous Carrot apps by now. There is Carrot Weather, a favorite of mine, Carrot Fit and others. For the purposes of productivity and motivation, Carrot To-Do and Carrot Alarm easily make this list.

Both revolve around Carrot, a snarky robot that’s seemingly easy to get along with… until you slack off. Carrot doesn’t play. She gets very angry when you aren’t doing what’s on your list and scolds you when you haven’t checked anything off in a while.

motivaction-carrot-to-do-alarm-today-habit-my-diet-coach-motivation-apps - 6 motivaction-carrot-to-do-alarm-today-habit-my-diet-coach-motivation-apps - 5

As for Carrot Alarm, you probably already know what’s going to happen. Don’t hit that snooze button if you want to keep Carrot pleased, and you don’t get off the hook so easily just by indicating you’re awake either. Every time you turn off the alarm, you need to complete three daily chores for Carrot, which usually involves rigorous shaking, flipping and tapping. If you snooze, Carrot will get more aggressive and give you even more chores when you finally decide to wake up.

motivaction-carrot-to-do-alarm-today-habit-my-diet-coach-motivation-apps - 7 motivaction-carrot-to-do-alarm-today-habit-my-diet-coach-motivation-apps - 8

Carrot To-Do and Carrot Alarm have games built-in. The more you accomplish tasks, the more you level up. Leveling up can unlock new features within the apps like Home screen badges, multiple alarms and more friendly alerts. You can also buy “cheats” to make Carrot a little less cranky.

Carrot To-Do and Carrot Alarm are both available for iOS, each for $2.99.

3. Today Habit Tracker

Today Habit Tracker has become one of my favorite apps for building new habits. It essentially lets you give each habit you want to add a dashboard of its own. My exercise habit, for example, has its own wallpaper, progress calendar and custom counters for my own individual goals. A diet habit could include progress and pictures of food.

motivaction-carrot-to-do-alarm-today-habit-my-diet-coach-motivation-apps - 9 motivaction-carrot-to-do-alarm-today-habit-my-diet-coach-motivation-apps - 10

Today lets you make your habits whatever you want them to be. You set a goal for how many times you want to accomplish something per week. Then when it comes time to check-in, you just 3D Touch (or long press on older devices) on that habit to indicate you’re done for the day.

Earn badges for your progress and streaks, plus add other widgets to each habit that can keep you working toward your goal.

Today is free with in-app purchases for iOS.

4. My Diet Coach

If perhaps you’re seeking some motivation in the health and fitness department rather than in productivity, check out My Diet Coach. It’s not like your ordinary calorie counter or exercise tracker.

motivaction-carrot-to-do-alarm-today-habit-my-diet-coach-motivation-apps - 11 motivaction-carrot-to-do-alarm-today-habit-my-diet-coach-motivation-apps - 12

The app includes tabs to place motivational photos, see your own before and afters, guides to overcome challenges and more. One fantastic feature helps you get through a current food craving by timing you through it and counting up all your successes getting past them.

Note: Activating this food craving feature requires a paid upgrade.

But despite not being just a calorie counter, you can still log food intake and exercise as well, plus share progress and results with friends.

My Diet Coach is a valuable tool for fitness motivation and it’s free with in-app purchases for iOS.

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