How to Effectively Use Google Now on Tap on Android

The Now on Tap feature of Android Marshmallow was one of the most hyped features when it debuted at Google I/O last year. With Marshmallow slowly rolling out on other OEMs, users now are like ‘*meh* Just another feature’. Yes, it was cool when Google officially rolled out this Marshmallow feature on Nexus devices. But not cool enough to make the users use it on a consistent basis. As it was not that accurate. It’s now one of the features crying in the corner for being left out. However, Google silently rolled out an update for Now on Tap to back it up.

Google Now On Tap

How to Enable Google Now on Tap? Go to Google App settings > Now on Tap > Hit the Toggle button to enable it.

The Last week’s update included selecting text from any screen for search and not just text but also Images. It also got many bug fixes to increase its accuracy. So, with this update, I thought to revisit Now on Tap feature and start using it on a consistent basis whenever needed. And, here are some effective uses I found out that might lure you to revisit this feature on your Marshmallow phone. So, let’s dig in.

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1. Quickly Search Any Text on Google From Any Screen

This is one of the features that was rolled in the latest update. Earlier, it could only randomly grab the most prominent text from the screen and show relevant info about it. But now, you can select specific text and let Now on Tap Google it for you.

In order to do so long press the Home button to trigger Now on tap. It will perform its magical animation and will give you the options and show on below. Select the third option.

Now On Tap 1

Now you’ll be able to select any text from the screen. In the screenshot below, I’ve selected WWDC Afterparty and it gave me some Google results and related news. You can also quickly get the definition of a word as shown in the next screenshot.

Now On Tap 2
Now On Tap 3

2. Quickly Share Screenshots

You can quickly share the current screen to different apps. The first share button in the Now on Tap will do that for you.

Now On Tap 4

Tap on the Share and it will take a screenshot. Further, you’ll be presented with share panel to share it with your contacts and apps.

Now On Tap 5

It’s one of the quickest ways to share a screenshot right from the current screen.

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3. Get More Info About an Image

Google has been working hard on Artificial Intelligence making their products self-dependent and smarter. You can get quite an essence of it in Now on Tap. It can now easily recognize an image and give you information about it.

Here, I’ve opened a picture of Taj Mahal in my gallery.

Now On Tap 6

It works with most of the images. Well-known places, monuments or let’s say you’ve got an Album Art of an album and you want more info about its singer and the songs in it. Now on Tap is the feature you should rely on.

You can also select text from images and Google it. Here’s an album art that Now on Tap couldn’t recognize. So, I selected the text from the art and it presented me the result.

Now On Tap 7

4. It even Rules the Camera

It can even scan the camera. Let’s say you want to get information about some product. Here I’ve focused my camera on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. And, Google now on tap easily recognized it.

Now On Tap 8
Now On Tap 9

It’s basically scanning text from the camera. But, it works well. And, by the way, Google, that’s Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

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5. Entertainment Unleashed

While listening to a song you sometimes feel the need to check the lyrics. At times, you forget your favorite singer featured in his latest single. Or maybe your favorite superhero movie dropped a trailer and you’d like to know the cast. Google Now on Tap has all the answers.

Now On Tap 10
Now On Tap 11

Movie trailers will now be informative. Get cast information, images, and related news.

Now On Tap 12
Now On Tap 13 1

Same can be used on Netflix and even video players on your phone.

Any Other Great Use Cases?

These were some of the best use cases I found out that shows the effectiveness of Now on Tap. But, what about you? Have you ever used it effectively? If not then YOU SHOULD NOW. Don’t forget to share your use cases with us. We’d love to know.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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