How to Save Ani­mat­ed GIFs from Twitter

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You may have noticed that you can’t save animated GIFs on Twitter the same way you might save them on any other website. Most times, all you need to do is right-click the image and save it. But on Twitter, the option to save the image in the right-click menu isn’t there. This is because Twitter actually converts all animated GIFs into short video files to increase loading times. The downside is that you can’t directly save these “GIFs” as images.

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Check out how to bypass Twitter’s conversion of GIFs into videos and download them | Shutterstock

Well we have a few different workaround options for you to explore if you really want to save a GIF as it should be… a GIF. It won’t be quite as easy as just right-clicking, but you can still have your GIF in just a few steps.

Option 1: Download Tweet2gif for Android

Android users, you lucked out. It turns out the Google Play store has a very convenient and free app that lets you completely disregard the advanced method for downloading GIFs.

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The app is called Tweet2gif and as you might imagine, it lets you automatically download any animated GIF from any public tweet. All you have to do is go to the tweet you want to save a GIF from in your Twitter app. Tap the tweet to expand details, then tap the More menu and select Copy link to tweet.

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Head over to Tweet2gif on your Android phone and paste in the link. From here, you can choose to download it either as a GIF file or optionally as the MP4 movie file. The rest is history.

Option 2: Download the MP4, Then Convert

If you’re on a different platform and can’t download Tweet2gif, well you have a bit more work to do to get your GIF. (Don’t worry, it’s still not very time consuming.) What you need to do is first, download the MP4 video file of the GIF on Twitter. Then, convert that MP4 file to a GIF file. Let’s run through both.

Tip: This is best accomplished on a Mac or PC rather than a mobile device.

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An easy way to download a GIF from Twitter as a video is to go to Much like Tweet2gif, all you have to do here is paste in the URL of the tweet you’re using. So grab that, paste and click Download. On the new page, click the smaller Download link on the right. Since GIFs are rarely more than a few seconds long, the MP4 should finish downloading almost instantly.

Note: Depending on which browser you use, you might need to right-click or control-click the Download link and choose Download Linked File or Save Link As… instead. Make sure it still saves as an MP4 though.

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Now, time to convert. Visit and click Video to GIF in the menu. Browse for your saved MP4 file and upload it.

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You can play around with a bunch of different options, but if you want to just get straight to the download, skip over that. The only thing I’d recommend is changing the frame rate (FPS) to 20 seconds for a smoother animation. Finally, click Convert to GIF!

Screen Shot 2016 06 06 At 4 12 22 Pm

The animated GIF appears below and at long last, you can do what you’ve wanted to do from the start: right-click and save. That wasn’t too tedious, right?

Option 3: Save As a Screen Recording

Have you seen our guide to saving an animated GIF by directly recording the animation on your screen? If you can time it right, this works perfectly to save the looping animation on Twitter as your own.

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