How to Automate Typing of Common Phrases on Android

The limitations of just 140 characters in text messaging and Twitter has taken the world of internet to use abbreviations for almost all commonly used phrases. Common ones like ASAP and LOL are fine, but at times, I had to search Urban Dictionary to know the meaning of an abbreviation. Yesterday, I received a DM from my Twitter friends using YMMV which I had to Google only to find out that it means Your Mileage May Vary. It was only then I realized how difficult it would have been for my parents to understand my text messages with all these Net Lingos that I used.

Auto Expand Android Text
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However, these abbreviations help us to text faster and save a lot of time. iPhone users have an excellent feature which automatically expands these lingos in real-time while you type depending on what you have stored in the iOS settings. And now thanks to an app on the Play Store, Android users can also get the similar feature to type faster and still make sense.

How to Get Text Expander on Android to Type Faster

The name of the app is Texpand – Text Expander and once you install it, you will have to grant it permission to observe other apps and draw over them to make necessary text replacements. Once all the permissions are granted to Texpand and the services are turned on, it’s time to add some commonly used phrases.

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Tap on the + icon at the bottom-right to add a new phrase. In the first text box, enter the phrase that you would like to replace and in the next box, enter the expanded text. At the bottom of the screen, you will have some options you can configure, like auto replacement of the text and if you would like to expand the phrase when it comes in between a word. Here the auto-expander must be enabled if you want to save time.

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Text Expander For Android 8

You can now open any app and try out Texpand. The typed phrase will automatically be replaced with the full text as soon as you press the spacebar button. You also get an undo button if you want to use the lingo for just this one time.

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Well, that was pretty basic stuff, and that’s what you also get on iOS. But on Android, the app takes things to a whole new level by including dynamic text replacement. For example, you can just write ‘tdate’ and it will be replaced by today’s date automatically. To get this done, add a new phrase to Texpand and this time, tap on the option that says show dynamic values.

Advanced Feature: Dynamic Phrases

You can select dynamic text like date, day, month, year and even the text copied to the clipboard. This feature can be very useful while typing emails and formal messages. You can mix and match these dynamic values with a shortcut to get a variety of output.

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Text Expander For Android 4

Texpand works with all the apps and keyboards for Android including the physical ones you connect via Bluetooth. The app allows you to exclude certain apps like Twitter where you don’t want to expand phrases that you use. This added feature makes Texpand useful for everyone out there. There are quite a few additional settings that you can check out too.

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In the free version, you get a limit to define 10 phrases for expansion which can be made unlimited after you buy the pro version at $2.49 to support the developer.


Texpand – Text Expander is a pretty useful app for all the Android users out there. Things like backing up the app data to SD card, automatically adding space after expansion and excluding apps you don’t want to expand text on are some of the top features that makes it so much better than other Android apps. If you think about it, iOS has a thing or two to be learned from this app. So try it out and do tell us if you find the app useful.

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Last updated on 10 February, 2022

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