2 Android Apps to Help with Reading/Multimedia at Night

Your phone is the first thing that you check when you wake up in the morning and the last thing when you get to bed. Maybe you’re a night owl doing some late night study or it’s your first night shift at work or you just too excited to finish off watching a season of your favorite TV Show. Looking at your device screen in the dark can sometimes be equal to looking at the sun if you’re not used to it. Well, many smartphones nowadays have a dark mode. And many don’t. So, for those that don’t have a “Universal dark mode” on their Android devices here are some apps to aid you.

Android Dark Mode
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Turning back the Time Wheel: In the past we had shared some Chrome extension to make web pages eye-friendly at night, a break reminder app to reduce eye strain and some screen filter apps for Android. So, do check them out.

The apps here will make you screen go even dimmer. It will basically create an overlay on the top of each android activity. Thus, working like a filter. Let’s see what they have to offer.

1. Midnight: Let’s Lock Up the Darkness

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Just…. Zip it Zoom!

Midnight App lets you add custom filters to your screen, making the display dimmer than the minimum screen brightness of your phone. You can add your desired color filter that suits your eyes.

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You can set a default value for the screen brightness or just quickly change it from the notification drawer. In the notification drawer, you get a persistent notification to manually turn down the brightness.

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Not just manually you can even schedule the screen brightness or set it to automatically start or turn off the screen filter. Set a specific time and schedule the screen filter for that time only. In automatic mode, the sensor will check if you’re in a dark surrounding. If you are, then it will turn on the filter.

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It saves the battery of your phone, if it sports an AMOLED screen.

Got a phone with AMOLED Screen? Here are some battery saving tips for you.

2. Dimly: The Replacement

Dimly can work as a perfect replacement for your current screen brightness controls. It works the same as the above app but has some extra features. The extra features include setting the default minimum and maximum brightness. In midnight app, the minimum value is taken from your phone’s stock brightness controls.

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There’s also a feature to quickly get the maximum brightness by just shaking your phone. You can set the sensor value for that in the settings itself. Also, there’s a timer to turn off Dimly settings. You also get a widget control and a persistent notification to quickly manage the settings and screen filter. Unfortunately, you only get the blue light filter. No other colors to choose from.

Dimly 2 1
Dimly 3

Does Your Phone Have a Universal Dark Mode?

Some OEMs like Samsung provide grayscale filters that remove the colors from the screen. Thus, immensely saving battery. Well, that’s not the dark mode but it’s easy on the eyes. So, does your phone have any such similar feature? How does it stack up with the above apps? Let us know in the comments.

Here’s a video by Ashish demonstrating the use of these apps.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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