Get Facebook-like Chat Heads for WhatsApp and SMS

The reason I like Facebook Chat Heads is that it works on top of all the other apps. So suppose you are playing a game or reading an interesting article on Guiding Tech, you don’t have to leave the app to reply to your friend’s message on Facebook. You can just tap the Facebook Chat Head, quickly reply and then return to the game or article. As useful as they may look, other messaging services like WhatsApp, Skype, Hangout or even the native SMS app don’t provide such functionality.

Notifly For Android

You do get heads up notifications on near stock Androids, but on ROMs like EUI, MIUI, and even TouchWiz, these options are not available. We have talked about an app called Snowball which provides you notification from all such messaging app in a chat head, but replying needs you to open up the respective app which brings you to square one.

So today, I am going to talk about an all new app available on the Play Store using which you can read notifications and also reply to notifications using the comfortable chat heads (also called as chat bubble).

Notifly for Android

Notifly for Android is a nifty app using which you can read and reply to your messaging notifications on the fly and therefore the name ‘Noti-fly’.  After you have installed the app, it will ask you for the permission to receive notification. If you are on Android Marshmallow, it will also ask the permission to stay over other apps.

Notifly For Android 1
Notifly For Android 2

Notifly works for WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Hangouts, Skype, Tango, KakoTalk, Twitter, Textra, ChompSMS, Facebook Messenger, Google Messenger and Plus Messenger and will be activated for all these apps installed on your device automatically. If you don’t want bubble messages from any of these services, you will have to deactivate it manually.

Notifly For Android 3

That’s all. Notifly will now capture all your incoming notifications and show them through the chat heads. The best part is, you can even reply using these chat heads and after you have replied, they will close automatically. If you don’t want to reply, you can drag it to the center-bottom of the screen and close the bubble.

Notifly For Android 7
Notifly For Android 9

The Features

The colors for the notifications bubble for each app is set by default, and if you wish to change that, it will cost you US$ 1.49 which will also remove ads from the app. Apart from that, you can configure settings for individual apps and bind them to system notifications. So if you close any notification from the Status Bar, the corresponding Notifly will also be removed.

Notifly For Android 5
Notifly For Android 8

Under the Notifly settings, you can control the size and offset of the chat bubbles and configure them to remember their position.

Notifly For Android 11
Notifly For Android 10

Everything is great about the app, however, if you receive too many messages from different apps at a single time, things will turn confusing. At this time, closing the bubble option in the notification drawer might come in handy. However, the developer should provide the option to group chat bubbles from the same service together to reduce chaos.


Notifly is a no-frill notification app that gives you the freedom to reply to all the major messaging services without leaving the app you are currently working on. Also, you get the beautiful material designed app so as to get best notification experiences. So do try the app and if you are planning to use it, I would suggest you buy the pro version to customize message bubble colors. It will be of a huge help. One last thing, don’t forget to disable the Facebook default chat heads.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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