How to Correctly Program Your Comcast Remote

It’s odd that with all the advancements made for televisions, we still have to resort to using primitive programming codes to get the remote that comes with the set-top box work with your precious LCD TV or use it to control any audio device. Besides, with hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of possible codes, the setup is downright tedious.

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So, let’s use a better way to install the Xfinity remote for televisions, dvd players, audio devices such as a Sony home theater or a Vizio or Sanyo soundbar.

Remember that you’d need the setup codes provided by the manufacturer before you start setting the system up.

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The latest Comcast Xfinity remotes pack the ability to work with your television without the need for you to google a remote code. They can just automatically search for the correct code behind the scenes and present it to you. 

In some cases, they automatically connect with no input on your part either.

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For Older Comcast Cable Subscribers

If you’re on the older version of Comcast, use your set-top box remote control to complete the following steps. But first, hit the power button of your television separately to turn it on.

Photo: Gwyn Fisher/Flickr CC
Photo: Gwyn Fisher/Flickr CC

Next, press and hold the Setup button at the top of the remote until the LED indicator light flashes twice. Press 9, 9, 1 and the light should flash two more times. If it does, you’re in the clear to proceed.

Start pressing the Channel Up button on your remote repeatedly — once per every one or two seconds — until your television shuts off. Be patient because this is the part where the remote is searching for the correct code.

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When your TV inevitably shuts off, press the Setup button once more to lock in this programming code.

To test for a successful match, try turning your TV back on with your Comcast remote and also try adjusting the volume. Both of these should work.

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For Xfinity X1 Cable and Remotes

Note: Before trying the steps below, you can also try the above steps with your X1 remote. I’ve had mixed results with this. The only difference is on newer remotes, the Setup

The X1 platform seems to encourage the use of a programming code a bit more. Fortunately, the software has a built-in feature for automatically identifying the appropriate code.

Press the Xfinity/Menu button on your newer remote (XR2, XR5, XR11 voice models) and select the Settings icon on the screen. Scroll all the way down to Help.

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In the Troubleshooting menu, select Remote Setup toward the right. Quite redundantly, Xfinity will ask “Would you also like to control your TV using your new remote?” Select Yes to proceed.

Begin typing the brand name of your television with the on-screen alphabet. Scroll to select the name when it appears. Then, follow the steps on screen to enter the 5-digit code or the setup code that is most likely to work with your remote.

When that’s complete, you can select All Set to indicate whether the code worked. If it didn’t, Xfinity will recommend other codes to try. Use trial and error until the remote works to power on/off your TV and control volume.

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Let us know in comments how these methods made your life a tad easier. We’d lvoe to hear from you!

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Last updated on 09 February, 2022

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