Top 4 Reasons to Try Google Spaces Right Now

Sharing any type of content within a group can be quite a pain sometimes and many times, issues go unresolved and content gets inadvertently ignored due to the nature of the group dynamic. This is ironic since one of the points of being in a group and using apps for groups is to be more effective. Any tool that can make this process easier is welcome.

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Google Spaces, announced on May 16th, 2016 represents Google’s effort at improving the small group dynamic. With Spaces, you can easily locate the content you wish to share from directly within the app and share it with the people in your Spaces.

But why should you try Spaces over other services that allow for group sharing? Let’s explore this.

Note: Spaces is available on Android, iOS as well as on the web

1. Easily Share Content

Google Spaces makes it quite easy to share content with your group.


You don’t need to worry about copy and pasting links to media that you want to share. The app has a built-in browser as well as YouTube built right in, which means that content can be shared from right within the app without too much effort.


Images from your gallery can be used to make posts and there is always the option of making a simple text post.


2. Interactive Nature

Ok, you can easily share content but what about feedback from persons who your Space is shared with? Well, each post made in a space allows for an interactive chat between persons in the Space.


The interface for commenting on posts is identical to a typical chat interface. Also, a snapshot of the post is always visible at the top of a discussion which helps to keep things focused.

3. Keep Track of Activity Easily

In a group setting, things can move fairly quickly at times and it may be difficult to keep up with what’s going on. Luckily Spaces’ Activity tab highlights recent activity. This way, users don’t have to wonder what they missed.


This feature also aids in the locating of content.

4. Easily Find Posts With Search

As you continue to make posts, it will become increasingly difficult to find older content. The search feature of Spaces allows for you to carry out a search across all of your Spaces. You are not limited to just searching within one space at a time.

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The features of Spaces combine to give the app a more casual feel. This app is not particularly geared towards business users but would probably be more suitable for a group of persons who share a hobby.

Posts can be created quickly and feedback can be clearly communicated. Spaces streamlines the group sharing dynamic quite well.

Although there has been some talk that Spaces is just a rehash of Google+ Communities, this is not necessarily the case. Google+ doesn’t have the personal appeal of a Space. A Community is better suited for providing information to a more general audience while a Space is suited to a more closely knit group of persons.

Meanwhile On Google

It will be interesting to see how this app is accepted across the board and if it survives in the long run or is eventually banished to the scrap heap despite its potential. We shall see.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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