Best 5 Apple TV Apps to Make Shopping Easier

Believe it or not, one category of apps that has really proven to shine on the Apple TV is shopping apps. They just offer a vastly superior experience to shopping on an iPhone or even iPad. The nice, big display lets you see large product images and quickly swipe between sizes and customizations. Plus, shopping networks are able to stream their usual programming while also making them completely interactive, so you can purchase products right on the spot.

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Whether you’re new to Apple’s set-top box or just looking for a glamorous and modern shopping experience right from the comfort of your couch, check out these top five, free shopping apps on Apple TV.

Important: There is currently no way to directly link to Apple TV apps in the App Store. Unfortunately, that means to download the apps below, you’ll have to manually search for them on your Apple TV. Instead, the links associated with each app listed here will take you to their corresponding iOS apps

1. QVC

QVC was one of the first apps out of the gate to bring an interactive shopping experience to Apple TV and it’s still a fantastic app. It combines the best of both worlds: live television with the hands-on aspect of the Internet.

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You can watch QVC live and buy what’s currently being offered at the push of the button. The app even lets you browse previous products that you may have missed, view different product images, available sizes and pricing options, plus more. It’s the perfect way to just sit back, relax, and… well, spend your money.


2. Fancy

Fancy has been a popular iPhone and iPad app for years and it’s easy to see why. Think of it like Pinterest but with direct purchasing. So you can browse different creative products that interest you, “fancy” it for later, or buy it right then and there.

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Fancy has everything from clothes to cool gadgets to home decor. It’s a great service for giving gifts too — or maybe for having a treat yourself moment. You can also follow friends and see what they fancy, plus create different wish lists and collections.

3. HSN

HSN, an unambiguous QVC competitor, recently came out with its own Apple TV app that mimics much of the functionality of QVC’s. But that’s definitely a good thing. HSN even goes above and beyond by letting you browse various product categories on your own and view both of its networks, HSN and HSN2.

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Watch the live broadcast, quickly snatch the product, or check out customization and pricing options. It sure beats the long, tedious of a process of calling up and placing an order or even trying to find the product and buy it online.

4. Gilt

Gilt is all about luxury and high-end. The store sells fashionable men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, but if you’re already familiar with the brand, the Apple TV app itself is still quite innovative. You can swipe through various items for sale, view product pictures, view available sizes and colors and see the models wearing the clothing at several angles. Then when you’re ready to add something to your cart, just press your remote and it’s done.

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Overall, Gilt is a well-thought out Apple TV app and a solid shopping experience. Just maybe hold off on Gilt if you feel real guilt spending the big bucks.

5. Zillow

Talk about taking home shopping to the next level. Zillow lets you shop for a new home from your current home. It’s a house, apartment and condo finder that lets you browse nearby real estate. All with your remote you can sort the available homes by distance, check out new or remodeled homes and even filter down by bedrooms, bathrooms and budget.

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When you click to view a home, you can check out more details about its neighborhood, price, estimated mortgage and swipe through several photos. No, you can’t just buy a home directly from your Apple TV (maybe someday!) but you can get view relevant contact details to inquire further.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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