Get Notified About Dubious Activites on Your Web Accounts

According to a study, 1 in 4 online accounts gets hacked which in broader terms means that around a quarter of all the online accounts get hacked. If that account is your default email or your social media account, it will give the hacker a lot of information regarding your personal details like your bank information, access to your contacts and even access to your digital life with all the photos in your social account. With all these information, it’s very easy to fall victim to credit card scams, online identity thefts and a lot of other shady stuff.

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It just doesn’t stop with you! With so much of data, you also out your family and friends in danger to these scams. The best way to fight hacking is by settings a complicated password which are difficult to hack and set alerts if someone  other than you have logged in to your online account. We have already covered the password domain by talking about apps like LastPass, 1Password and Dashlane and today we are going to cover the notification side of unauthorized access.

Securing Your Online Accounts using LogDog

LogDog is an interesting app available for both Android and iOS using which you can get notified about any unauthorized access to a bunch of online accounts. For starters, LogDog works for Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter and Evernote with support for Instagram and LinkedIn coming soon. After you have installed the app, LogDog will ask you to add the accounts you wish to keep an eye on.

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The best thing about the app is that the app doesn’t store your online account credentials and you are asked to directly login to your online account and grant LogDog permission to monitor the activity on your account. Having done that, the app will prompt you that it’s monitoring your account trend for the next 7 days, after which, it will alert you for any suspicious activity on your linked account. For the 7 days period, you will not receive any alerts and you will have to manually keep a tab on these accounts.

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How LogDog Works

LogDog is basically a mobile Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for your online accounts and it monitors the locations and IPs you normally access your account from. If it detects any suspicious activity, like a sign in from a different location of an IP address, it will immediately notify you of the issue.

Logdog Alert

Once LogDog has alerted you, you have three options. You can either dismiss the alert and add the location and IP in the green list or ignore it for just one time and if something is seriously wrong, you can immediately change the password of your account using LogDog itself. So LogDog is basically a virtual guard dog which is constantly sniffing your accounts and ensuring you know when it smells something fishy.

Alert On Logdog

You can also tap on the individual account to see the info on the account access pattern along with last login information. You can expand these logs for a better insight on your account activity.

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The only issue at the moment is that the app only allows one account per service at the moment. So for example, if you have separate Gmail, Facebook or Twitter account for personal and business use, you can only add one of them in LogDog. But when the developer was contacted about the issue, he replied that the multiple account feature will be a part of pro version of the app which will be available as an in-app purchase after future updates.

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One additional feature you get in LogDog is the feature to protect your credit cards. However, in the process, you don’t need to submit your credit card details in the app. The service monitors internet sites for stolen credit card records and then compares your name, country and zip code to the stolen records and if a match is found, you are sent an alert. But that’s all on pen and paper and I was not able to test this feature myself.

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The Pro Version

You can buy pro version for $4.99 per month or $49.90 for a year. But if you can refer three friends to use the LogDog service, you get one year of premium subscription for free. So I would suggest you try out the app, it’s completely secure as you don’t have to provide any of your online credentials to a 3rd party app.


Services like Gmail and Facebook have features like email and SMS alerts when there is some suspicious activity from an unknown IP address and you can click on the link in the email to safeguard your account. LogDog only streamlines this process so that there is no delay in turnaround time, which is actually very  important. So try out the app and let us know your thoughts about it.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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