2 Instagram Android Apps that Have Much Better Design than the Official (Updated) App

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So, Instagram has a new Look now. “A design inspired by the Community”. “The content is being given the center stage” is what they say. But, this is what I say – “IT SUCKS!” Well, not just me but half of the user base has highly criticized it. So, if you think the same then here are some Android apps for Instagram that now look better in comparison to the current official design.


Wondering how new Instagram logo was made? This is how.

Behold, I present to you the best Instagram Client Apps available on Android. I’ll not just talk about the design but also share their features. So, let’s dig in.

1. Phonegram

Phonegram is a feature rich Instagram app that will let you most of the things for which you might have downloaded a separate app – Repost; download pics and videos, create a collage and image editing. You can do all of it in this app. So, I’d like to share with you some of its features that make it worth using.

We’ll first take a look at the design of the app.



On the left is the Instagram feed which is totally different (and I like it). On the right is the sidebar with many features to explore. As per my usage, I didn’t find the option to customize the look of the Instagram feed anywhere. There’s also Premium version of this app that removes ads and also unlocks some features. But, in the description of this premium version, it wasn’t mentioned that you can customize the look of the feed.

Here’s how a specific Instagram post looks like.


Now, here’s an interesting feature. You can go to the next post by just swiping to left or right. Also, on the top, you get the option to download the image. In the comments section, you also get a set of Emojis.


Now, let’s explore some of its interesting features.

Download Images in Bulk


In the top menu of the Instagram Feed, you’ll get the option to download images in bulk. On hitting that button you’ll be taken next activity where you gotta to select the images that you’d like to download. Also, if you have many images that are to be selected to download then you get the button on the top which will counter-select images. So, you just have to select the images that you don’t wanna download.

Subscribe to Tags


Search for the tag in the search bar and open the feed of the tag. On the top, you’ll find the Star icon. Hit that icon and it will be added to your subscribed tags. This way you can easily keep track of your favorite topics on Instagram.

Create a Collage


You get a floating bubble to quickly create a collage or else you can access it from the menu bar. You got to choose your Image folder from the phone storage and pick the ones that you want to add in the collage.

Edit Image


You can completely edit the image. All sort of image editing tools are available here. However, sometimes the tools don’t work.

Things you can’t do

  • You can NOT post photos or videos. (For real?)
  • You cannot see who liked or commented on your photos. (Seriously?)
  • No notifications. (D’uh!)
  • Cannot delete photos or report for abusive users or block spammers.

WHY? – Because Instagram hasn’t opened these features to third-party apps YET in their API.

2. Imagine for Instagram

This Instagram client will bring you back the old Official Instagram Design (Hallelujah!). Without much talking let’s get into its design and features.



It has the same design language. Though, the color scheme is darker in shade. Also, grid style view is available for the posts on the home activity and tags.

This is how a specific post looks like.


You can also download specific images (bulk image download is not available). Also, the Repost button comes in handy.

Dark Theme and Customization


The dark theme is a great add on but it comes at a cost (only available in premium version). Also, you can customize the look of feeds and navigation bar to make it look cooler. You even get the option to show HD images or not. Saving your crucial data plan.

You’ll Get to See This Too


Why Instagram, why? At least give the developers the freedom if not the users. And developers please don’t make fake promises that you’re looking for a solution. You can’t, until Instagram gives the access.

There are not many features to cover in this app. So, that’s it.

Any Other Alternatives?

It will be interesting to see if Instagram makes any changes in design in its future updates. Till then, do you know any other client app that has better design and features? Let other readers know down in the comments.

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