How to Gamify Everyday Tasks with Superbetter

There are challenges that we are bound to meet both daily as well as throughout the course of our lives. This, of course, sounds dreadful but it doesn’t have to be.

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What if you approached life’s challenges from the point of view that you are working you way through a video game. Instead of viewing life’s obstacles as challenges, what if you viewed them as missions or quests to be completed.

Superbetter is a game which help us to view our challenges from a different angle in order to cope with and even overcome them.

Note: There are Superbetter Android and iOS apps, a Superbetter website and a Superbetter book

How it Works

We will focus on the Superbetter website in preference over the Android and iOS apps since the website is the most general offering with the most functionality. There are 8 main sections of the website and those are what we will be exploring.

However, let’s put this all into perspective. If you choose to make use of Superbetter, there must be some challenge that you wish to get Superbetter from in order to reach some goal/epic win.

I recommend that if you choose to use Superbetter that you spend some time thinking about this and you can define the challenge you wish to overcome.


You will also be able to define your desired epic win on the Superbetter website.

Epic Win 3

After you have defined your challenge and epic win, every time you sign in on Superbetter’s website you will be able to view them and thus be reminded of them.

Superbetter 4


First up is the Activity section. This section displays recently carried out activity on your Superbetter journey.

My Activity Super Better 3


A quest is an activity or experiment that aids you in your journey towards your epic win. Clicking on a quest displays an extended description outlining exactly what it entails.

Click on I DID THIS! after completing a quest. You can create your own quests or you can receive quests by downloading power packs.

Quests 1


Allies are those persons who will assist you on your journey to becoming Superbetter. You can invite allies through Facebook or via email.

Allies 2


Power-ups are activities you can carry out in order to get a quick boost and help you feel better. Go hug yourselves people!

Power Ups 2

Click on View and indicate I Did This! after completing a power-up. The type of strength that the particular power up helps to build will also be indicated. Points are gained for different types of strength built and this is indicated on your profile.

Activate Powerup 1

Bad Guys

Bad Guys are anything that get in the way of you achieving your epic win. Select View and then I Battled This! after dealing with a bad guy. You will then have to complete a battle report indicating how you dealt with the particular difficulty.

Battle Report

Future Boosts

Future boosts are things that you are looking forward to in the future. Make a note of a few of these to help keep your motivation up.

Future Boosts 2


Achievements help you to keep track of the steps that you have taken on your Superbetter journey.

Achievements 1


You can discuss all things Superbetter related within the forums.

Superbetter Community 1


Many regard video games as a waste of time but they have been shown to be an effective form of stress relief. Moreover, in the grand scheme of things, you probably will not pat your self on the back for overworking yourself and not taking some time out to enjoy life a little.

Games are not only fun, they can be used as a creative solution to challenges including life challenges through something like Superbetter.

Superbetter’s creator Jane McGonigal knows a little bit about overcoming challenges to become Superbetter herself and has a lot to say on the topic so if you have a chance take a look at her epic win of a TED talk here.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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