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Recently, Reddit launched it’s first Official App on the Play Store and App Store last month. We reviewed its beta version for Android and weren’t really blown away. Unsurprisingly, it seems like the app couldn’t make a place in the user’s phones. With bugs and missing features, it’s managed a rating of only 3.2 on the Play Store. However, you must be using an alternative app for Reddit on Mobile. So, why not try an alternative for the Reddit website?

Reddit Uforio

Here, I’d like to show you a Reddit web client that is well organized, has all the features and looks cooler than the official Reddit website. So, let’s dig in.


The Reddit web client I’m talking about is called Uforio. This web app for Reddit is minimal in design and loads quickly, just like the official website. It’s got the same color scheme with a lighter shade. And, it looks good. So, I’d like to point out some interesting features that will give you a reason to use this alternative Reddit web client.

Start with Reddit OAuth login. You can also create a Uforio account on the website that will be used to synchronize the settings across other applications. Other applications of Uforio include only the Mac App (for now). Android and iOS apps are in the making.

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Now, the first thing that will catch your eye is the Grouping of all the posts in 6 different categories.

Uforio Groups

All the posts from different subreddits get divided into Links, Pictures, Videos, Long Texts, Short Texts and GIFs. You can also switch to the classic official Reddit style. Also, you get the option to quickly view/hide 18+ posts and Unread posts.

Specific Post

The specific post layout contains two areas. The actual post on the right and a quick navigation through the specific subreddit on the left.

Uforia Specific Post

It’s more convenient and natural as you can quickly navigate through other posts. In the official Reddit web client, you need to actually go back to the homepage of the subreddit.

Embedded Images and Videos

Uforia Imgur Slideshows

Images and videos get embedded in the post itself. Above is a screenshot of an Imgur album embedded in the post. So, no need to go to the Imgur website. You can quickly watch it the website itself. Same is the case for YouTube videos.


Uforio Comments

Comments are beautifully styled with different colors for replies. Giving you more of mobile app-like feel.

Quick Reply to Comments

Uforio Quick Reply

In the mail section, you can quickly reply to your comments from the page itself. In the official Reddit client, you need to go to the post page and reply there.

Minimal Search

Uforio Search

Search design is minimalistic. You can search for something in a specific subreddit or with URL by just selecting the corresponding buttons. Also, the search results can be viewed in Grouped categories.

Drag and Drop Favorite Subreddits

Uforio Drag Drop Subreddits

If you tend to access any subreddit too often then you can add them to top navigation bar by just a simple drag and drop.


Uforio Settings

Here in the settings, you can change the settings across the whole website. Also, here you can create your Uforio account to synchronize your website settings with other Uforio applications.

Will You Use It?

I surely liked Uforio. What caught my eye is the layout for specific posts and easy navigation. But, what’s your take on this Reddit web client? Let us know in the comments.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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