How to Password Protect and Hide Disk Drives in Windows 10

We all love privacy. It gives us our peace of mind that there’s no one going through our stuff. Albeit, it’s the biggest issue in all fields of technology. No matter how hard you try, some or the other way it will be endangered. However, we should never stop trying. If you believe in that, then let me show you how you can hide your “personal stuff” stored in those specifically partitioned disk drives on Windows.

Create Hidden Disk Drive Windows
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Here, I’ll show how you can password protect your disk drives and keep your sensitive data safe. So, without further ado, let’s dig in.

Hide Disk Drives in Windows

So, the software we are going to explore today is Hidden Disk. In the past, we had shared with you how you can hide a secret partition in your USB flash drive. But, today using Hidden Disk I’d like to show you how to hide disk drive and it’s content. And, not just hide but also add a password to it.

Download and Install the software to begin with. It does work well on Windows 10. And, using this software is really simple. So, let’s do it.

Mac User? Here’s how you can password-protect files on your Mac.

Step-1: Create Disk

On the home screen of the software, you’ll see a Letter X. Those are actually disk drive letters. You can choose whatever you want. Next, after you’ve chosen your disk letter click on Create Disk.

Hidden Disk Create Disk Drive

Now, the disk will be created and it should show you a warning that you shouldn’t format your system drive or reinstall your system. If you do so then the disk you created will get removed (along with the files stored in it). Also, with this warning, there’s an important point to note. The files that you store in this disk drive are being stored somewhere on your System drive. That is why you’ll see the new drive you created will be named same as your System drive.

Hidden Disk My Computer

Also, you can create other drives by changing the drive name in the software.

Step-2: Hide the Drive

Now in order to hide the drive click on Disable Disk. Before doing so don’t forget to add your files in the drive. After you’ve disabled it, the drive will disappear.

Hidden Disk Disable Disk

Also, another way to make it invisible is to shut down your PC. The disk will disappear every time you shut down. So now, how do you get it back?

Step-3: Open Hidden disk and Click on Create Disk again to make the hidden disk visible.

If you had added any files in the hidden drive then you’ll get them back in the drive after you hit Create disk (again). Yeah, that is a little time consuming but privacy comes at a cost bro.

Now, let’s see how you can add a password to this hidden drive.

Password Protect the Hidden Drive

Well, actually you won’t be adding a password to the Hidden disk but to the Software.

Step-1: Click on Create/Update Password

Hidden Disk Add Password 1

And, on the next screen add your password and recovery email. The email ID will be used to send you your password in case you forget it.

Hidden Disk Add Password 2

Step-2: Accessing Software with the New Password.

You can now test out if it works. Disable the disk drive and close the software. Next time when you open it, it should ask you for the password.

Hidden Disk Unhide

So you’ve now password protected your files and folders and also made them invisible.

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Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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