How to Change Color of Android Keyboard to Match the App

Android has got many fancy keyboards that can satisfy your thirst for customization and creativity. In the past, we had shared about an invisible keyboard and a keyboard with super-fast shortcuts. So, to add to this list of keyboards I’d like to show you an interesting keyboard app that will turn its background color to the primary color of the app that is currently running.

Chrooma Keyboard
A keyboard that adapts to the app currently running.

Change Colour of Keyboard Based on the App You’re Running

Among the many popular Android keyboards available, people tend to choose the keyboard app that looks good. Features and functions sometimes don’t matter much. After all, it’s the user interface that enhances the user experience.

Chrooma Keyboard is the app that will surely lure you to use it just because it looks good. So, let’s see what it has to offer.

Adaptive Colours

Chrooma Keyboard Adaptive Colors 1
Chrooma Keyboard Adaptive Colors 2

As you can see the background color of the keyboard gets changed based on the app you are using. And, of course, you’ll need Android Lollipop and above to make this work. The layout is simple, reminiscent of Google keyboard.

Also, one thing to note is that it doesn’t adapt to the inbuilt keyboard. Because many smartphones have Google keyboard as the system keyboard. It’s just designed that way.

Now, coming on to the features of the keyboard layout. You can’t customize the layout until you buy the premium app. Initially, the app was a paid app, however, a while back it went freemium. In the premium app’s keyboard layout you can add a number row (which shouldn’t be premium), enable split layout and a reduction mode which will reduce the size of the keyboard to let you easily use it with one hand.

Next, let’s have a look at customizing the background.

Customizing the Background

Chrooma Keyboard Customize Background 1
Chrooma Keyboard Customize Background 2

The styling of the keyboard is premium. By default, it’s set to flat. With premium, you get gradient effects and different palette for each keyboard row. Also, you can change keyboard font.

In the free app, you can access the Night Mode. This mode turns down the color of the keyboard to the darker color scheme of the app. You can choose at what time you want the keyboard to go into Night Mode. I prefer to keep it always in the night mode.

Other Customizations

Other customizations include setting a fixed color. If you like some color then you can fix that to be displayed system-wide. Then a battery saver option which turns down the color when your smartphone’s battery saver is turned on. And, some other usual features like gesture typing and emoji suggestions (which is set to be coming soon). Also, it has a multilingual support (which is premium).

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Divided Premium Model

I liked the premium model. If you don’t want any multilingual support but just want only styles for the keyboard then you buy that specific feature at a lower price. Though a complete PRO pack will be more sensible if you really like the app and its features.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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