3 Apps to Lock Apps on Android 6.0 Using Fingerprint Sensor

It’s been a while now that we have fingerprint sensors on Android devices to securely lock the phone with biometrics rather than using a pattern or a PIN. However, that was it, there was no option from the Android’s end to extend the feature to provide an additional layer of security like locking apps and settings with the fingerprint sensor. Either developers, like Samsung, had to give their API access to developers to come up with working apps, or they made one themselves just for particular devices like Xiaomi or Coolpad.

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This feature was limited as most of the phones with a fingerprint sensor didn’t have a supporting app. But thanks to Android Marshmallow, developers have now included the fingerprint hardware for the developers to work on and there are apps which now works on Android devices universally using which one can lock apps using the fingerprint sensors.

In the past, we have already covered an app using which one can lock apps using the fingerprint sensor to lock apps on Android Marshmallow, but the app was pulled down by Google due to unknown reasons. So to make things right, today I am going to talk about three new apps you can install on your Android Marshmallow devices with fingerprint sensors to provide the extra layer of security and if at all any one of them has issues with development, you will always have an alternative.

You Must Note:

1. App Locker

App Locker is the first app that you can try on your device. It’s a very basic app with a simple interface. After you install it to your Android, it will ask you the primary and secondary lock mechanism that you would like to use which should ideally be fingerprint followed by PIN or Pattern.

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Having done that, the app will ask you to grant Accessibility access from the settings which will enable the app. All you need to do now is look for the app you wish to lock in the list and turn on the toggle.

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App Locker 10

In Settings, you can choose to relock the apps immediately and also change the primary and secondary lock preference. But the global settings can be overridden by individual apps if you choose to give different settings to some of the apps. The app has ads and they would show up on the lock screen and you can buy the pro version to remove them.

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2. FingerSecurity

The second app that you can try is FingerSecurity and the initial setup is similar to App Locker. You will have to check is the app is compatible with the device and grant it Accessibility Access which is mandatory for such apps to function. Having done that, you are free to load the app lock list and enable toggle switch to lock the particular app.

Fingerlock 7
Fingerlock 4

Here too you get the option to override global settings with per-app custom settings. However, there are no ads on the lock screen even though the app is completely free. You can buy premium features like location based module or different unlock themes by in-app purchases.

Fingerlock 6
Fingerlock 5

3. CM App Lock Fingerprint Unlock

CM App Lock Fingerprint Unlock is the third and the most feature rich fingerprint app locker that you can install on your Android, but the fact that it’s from Cheetah Mobile developers made me skeptical of sharing it. But the app has good ratings and works good, so there is no harm in trying it out. CM App Lock Fingerprint initial configuration is very similar and just like any other app, you will have to lock the apps from a list. The option to lock Bluetooth and Wi-Fi state is also an added feature.

Cm App Lock 3
Fingerlock 2

The features that are worth mentioning about the app is that you can download several lock screen themes for free and give your lock screen a new color every day. Apart from that, you get the option to reset the password using the Google account you have on the Android. The app also gives you the option to snap a picture from the front camera if it detects multiple failed attempts to unlock the app.

Cm App Locker 3
Cm App Lock 1


So these were the top 3 working apps using which you can lock apps on your Android devices using the fingerprint sensor. There are chances that Google might include the fingerprint app lock feature by default in Android N, but we all know that it’s gonna take some time. So till then, these are your best alternatives for Android Marshmallow.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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