5 Entertaining Casual Sports Games for Android

You must be wondering as to what do I mean when I say casual sports game. Well, it means games which give you some experience but is not really be a hardcore sports game. Take FIFA, for example. It’s a hardcore football game where you need to focus on your teams, hire a manager, train them and do so much more to compete in tournaments and win the FIFA world cups. But I would rather go for a game which takes the football (of if you prefer soccer) in a funky way and keeps the gameplay casual with some levels to complete and tournaments to win.

Sports Games

Now, if you are a hardcore gamer you can go with those hardcore sports game, but a majority of us are just looking for casual games which can be played while taking the tube to the office or while killing some time over a cup of coffee. The games that I will be covering today will give you a flavor of some of the sports game and at the same time keep it casual. So let’s have a look at them.

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1. Real Basketball

Real Basketball is much like the paper toss game, but instead of the paper and bin, you are given a basketball which you need to score. You can  either play the game in single player mode or compete online in multiplayer mode and when the match starts, all you need to do is throw the ball to the basket and score it with perfect pace and angle.

Basketball 1
Basketball 2

You can trigger bonus by consecutive baskets and create high scores. There are different gameplays like time attack, arcade mode that you can try, and if you feel like you need to practice before you hit the court, there’s a provision for that too. The graphics are good and online gameplay is what makes the game competitive and addictive and I can assure you that it can keep you occupied for hours.

2. Stick Tennis

Stick Tennis is a total time kill game from a great game development team. Things are minimal and you just need to work on your timing skills to score in the game. The direction in which you swipe will guide the ball and you can slow your shots or smash it with good timings.

Tennis 1

The graphics are good and the game works well on any Android device. Personally, I am not a big fan of tennis myself, but if you love even a bit of tennis, I am sure you will like the game and you will be glued to it for hours.

Tennis 2

3. Head Soccer

In the introduction, I talked about how this article is not about how FIFA is a hardcore sports game and you must be wondering when is he gonna talk about football. Well, Head Soccer is my answer to it. The game is kind of cute where you are in an arcade-like the environment and try to score the ball into other team’s goal by taking some head shots or kicking the ball.

Head Soccer 2

You can select your favorite team and player and play from a lot of game modes available. You can play a friendly match or play tournaments for different cups. In simple words, the game gives you an air hockey kind of gameplay but brings in a punch of soccer in it.

Head Soccer 1

4. Mini Golf MatchUp

Mini Golf MatchUp is another online multiplayer game where you get to match up against your Facebook friends or random players from the server. The controls are simple and graphics are top notch and you get a tutorial at the beginning which takes you through every aspect of the game.

Golf 1
Golf 2

For some of you, the colors might be too much, but according to me, it adds to the gameplay. The levels are well designed and if you think about it, the developer has given a lot of effort to make every level unique and better than the other.

5. Stick Cricket 2

Making a full-fledged cricket game is too much to ask from developers. There are so many variables like players, stadiums, rules, outfield settings and what else to keep track of. Making a full-fledged cricket game is just not possible and that’s when Stick Cricket 2 comes into the picture. You only have to do batting in the game which most of us love to do. Apart from that, the game is all about timing and if you want to hit the shot on the leg side or the off side using the onscreen arrow buttons.

Cricket 2

You can also play as a female sports star, which is a great addition. There are many levels you need to complete and your run rate, total score or fall of wickets will decide your standing in the level. You are awarded as many as 3 stumps (equivalent to stars) when you pass each level and you need to gather them to unlock more missions and international levels.

Cricket 1


So these were some of the casual sports games that you can play on your Android. If you would like to recommend some games to the list, please use  our forum. If we like it, we would feature it in one of our next YouTube videos.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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