How to Effectively Record and Save Streaming Online Radio

Streaming radio onlineis great and all, but what happens during those dark times without an internet connection? Are you going to just sit around in silence? No. You are going to do something about it! You are going to record all of that streaming music so that you can listen to it whenever you want to and I am going to show you how.

How to Record Streaming Radio?

Radiosure (Windows only ) is a special find that offers access to 12,000(that’s a lot!) radio stations. The real treat is that it also allows for one-click recording. Even installation is a snap with Radiosure. Just head over to the Radiosure Download page and select one of the three download links. I chose the CNET link because I trust that site the most.

Once downloaded, open up the file and go through the usual installation steps (nothing complicated here).  Once it is installed, launch it and follow along with me below.

How does it work?

There is a search bar in the top right corner of the tool (shown below) that acts as your guide, bringing up search results based on the keywords that you input.

Search Bar

When you are ready to begin recording, hit the red Record button. There will then be a red indicator included in the green Equalizer (shown below). To stop recording, click on the record button again.

A great feature, though small, is the warning message that pops up if you attempt to change the radio station while recording. Saved me from ruining perfectly good copies of songs quite a few times.


A right-click to the taskbar brings up the menu, displaying a list ofdifferent playing features, like a Favorites list, and a few standard Equalizer settings.

In the options menu, you have some customization options, including the ability to split recordings by tracks. Checking that box will chop your radio stream into individual tracks. There is also the option to avoid the recording of duplicate songs.


Even though Radiosure offers access to 12,000 radio stations, they made sure to cater to those of you that want more. If one of your favorite stations is not included you can always add it to the list with Create new station (also found in the right-click menu).

Create New Station

Speaking of favorites, adding a station to your favorites list is accomplished by selecting the heart icon and then selecting Add to favorites.

Add To Favorites

Radiosure may not be pretty and polished, but it is an awfully useful application with a plethora of stations to choose from. Recording stations could not be easier, and I really appreciated the single-click interface.

Let us know what you think once you give this piece of software a try!

Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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