3 Must Try Android Apps for Your Samsung Galaxy S7

After getting a new Android phone, there are tons of apps that you are recommended to install on your device either by your friends or blogs like us to get the most our your Android experience. People give you a long list of apps which include crazy games, productive apps and a long list of customization that you can do on your Android and the list would be same for anyone with any Android device.

Samsung S7

But if you own a Samsung Galaxy S7, there are 3 specific apps that you must install and try on the device to increase its feature and performance. These apps are designed for Samsung devices and I am sure you will love the feature enhancements it will bring in. So let’s have a look.

1. App Lock: Fingerprint&Password

App Lock: Fingerprint&Password is one of the most important you must install on your Samsung Galaxy S7. The fingerprint app lock can give you an added layer of security on your Galaxy S7 using which you can lock your private apps like WhatsApp and Gallery. However, thanks to Samsung’s open fingerprint API and the Android Marshmallow update, you don’t have to use a PIN or pattern anymore to unlock these apps. You just need to use the fingerprint sensor on the home button to get things done.

Samsung Galaxy S7 2
Samsung Galaxy S7 1

The app gives you the option to use a PIN or password as an alternative if by any chance you are not able to use your fingerprint to unlock the particular app. The app is free and works great with your Samsung Galaxy S7.

2. Good Lock by Samsung

No! It’s not another app locking app that you should try on your Android. Good Lock is an interesting app from the house of Samsung themselves, that gives you a crazy alternative UI to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Lock Screen, Notifications and Quick Settings. The best option is to sideload the app using the APK file but the phone will be rebooted once the app is installed. This is the first time I have seen such a behavior on an Android. After the phone reboots, the fist thing you will notice is a list of shortcuts at the bottom of the lock screen.

Samsung Galaxy S7 4
Samsung Galaxy S7 6

The app gets so deeply integrated with the system and the colors of the Status bar and the dropdown notification panel can be changed without downloading any themes from the theme store. The lock screen is completely customizable and you can select to include widgets, notifications and app shortcuts for convenience.

Samsung Galaxy S7 5
Samsung Galaxy S7 7

The app, however, is not completely compatible with 3rd party themes and you might have to uninstall it or you might face some UI crashes. To be frank, Good Lock is something you must only install if you are an advanced Android user a few UI crashes won’t bother you.

3. easyHome for Samsung

easyHome for Samsung is another interesting app that you must install on your Samsung Galaxy S7 and get away with pressing the home button all the time. After you have installed and activated the services of easyHome, you will now have to press your phone’s Home button anymore! Just touch it slightly like the back or the recent app keys and it will be all. No root is required for the app to work and takes minimum battery drain from the device.

Samsung Home Button

The app works because of the fingerprint sensor and the official Samsung SDK. Moreover, you can configure long press gesture to lock the phone, start camera or jump to the last app used. I am sure you will like the app and consider that this is something that Samsung should have provided by default in the very first place.


So friends, those some of the app that you can install on your Samsung Galaxy S7 to increase its features and functionalities. These apps are just for you and works great on the Samsung Galaxy S7. If you come across any other app that you think a Samsung user should install for better performance of the device, just let us know in the comments section and we will be happy to test it.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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