4 Useful Apps for Pebble Time Smartwatch Users

The Pebble Time may not be the flashiest smartwatch on the market today, but that does not mean that it isn’t one of the best. After all, practicality has to be a deciding factor in whether a product is good or not and the Pebble Time is just that, giving its owners up to a possible 7 days of battery life. In addition, the Pebble Time, and for that matter other variants of Pebble smartwatch, have great apps available to them.

The combination of Pebble smartwatch and useful apps make it quite a capable device. In order to fully appreciate the Pebble experience, you should explore the Pebble app store. On doing so, you will undoubtedly find several gems but here are 5 essential apps that Pebble Time smartwatch users should explore

1. Real Weather

Real Weather is an awesome watch face which provides users with the ability to view the weather along with the time and remaining battery life.

Real Weather Diagram

An image which represents the current prevailing weather conditions is displayed along with the time, the battery life, the date and the temperature. This is a relatively simple idea but rather convenient since you don’t have to worry about checking your phone for the weather.

As you can see, sometimes simple ideas can make quite a powerful impact.

2. Gentle Wake (Daily Smart Alarm Clock with Sleep Monitoring)

One of the more awesome features of smartwatches is their discrete alarm ability through vibration and the Pebble Time is no exception. What sets the Pebble line apart is their exception battery life. One does not have to worry about their battery dying overnight and missing their alarm as long as the battery is sufficiently charged.

Gentle Wake Thumb

Gentle Wake will run in the background without having to take up the background app slot. This means that this app can be run in conjunction with your desired background app such as a fitness tracker.

You can set one-time alarms or you can set an alarm schedule. This app will really make sure that you wake up. If it detects that you start to stir, based on the movement detected by the watch, it will attempt to wake you up early.

The alarm vibration pattern can be adjusted but in general, the alarm vibrations will start gently and then they will get longer and longer in order to gradually wake you up. A quick double click of the down button is required in order to turn off the alarm.

I personally find that this type of alarm is more effective than a sound-based alarm since it is pretty difficult to ignore.

 3. Battery+

Yes, the Pebble time has great battery life, but Battery+ gives users detailed battery life information such as how much time they have left before a charge is needed and it displays useful statistics such as the longest amount of time since the app was installed that the watch ran without being charged. A charging frequency graph is also available.


This app is great for keeping track of battery life performance.

4. Bookmark

Bookmark is based on a really simple idea. It offers an effective way to keep track of things such as television shows and page numbers in books you are reading by inputting the corresponding information. I know this may sound ridiculous but I’m sure most of us regularly forget the last episode of the television series we are binge watching as well as the page number we are on, in the books we are reading.

Bookmark Thumb

Bookmark provides a simple solution to an annoying problem.


The Pebble Time performs solidly, but what is a great smartwatch without great apps. You should definitely try these 4 if you are a Pebble Time owner and they are quite likely to improve your experience.

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Last updated on 10 February, 2022

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