Top 5 Android Keyboard Apps for Emoji and GIFs Fans

Emojis became popular with the release of iOS 6. It widely got adapted across all social networks. Shigeta Kurita is the guy who created Emojis back in 1999. There’s a cool video made out of Emojis that explains how emojis have changed our lives. There was a social network solely based on Emojis. Well, if you know all of these fun facts then you probably are an Emoji Fanatic. So if you are, then you probably should check out these Android keyboard apps that are solely created for emoji and GIF lovers. Well, don’t worry if you’re not, you still can check them out.

Android Emoji Gif Keyboard
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1. Kika Emoji Keyboard

Kika Emoji Keyboard 1
Kika Emoji Keyboard 2

Kika is one of the feature pack emoji and GIF keyboard app. You can download different types of emojis. The one you’re seeing in the above screenshot is the Funny Emoji Pack. All the emojis will have a touch of fun in them. There are many packs that you can download. All for free.

There is also a GIF search available. You can directly type in the type of GIF that you want. There are also stickers available for social apps like Facebook Messenger and Hangouts.

Well, it’s just about emojis in this keyboard app. You get a smart auto-correct, auto-suggest (with emoji suggestion as you type), choice for your own fonts and sound layouts. If you don’t like a plain keyboard background then you can add your own custom background too. And yes, you might get ads in the keyboard here and there in the settings.

2. GO Keyboard

Go Keyboard 1
Go Keyboard 2

Go Keyboard provides a good collection of emoji packs that you can download. No GIF support is available. Instead, you have stickers and there are many of them to choose from. Apart from these emojis and stickers, it also functionally works well. It drained less battery in comparison to other keyboards listed here.

You also get themes to style the keyboard according to your needs. You also get a collection of beautiful fonts. Another great addition is the language support. It supports more than 30 languages worldwide.

3. TouchPal Emoji Keyboard

Touchpal Keyboard 1
Touchpal Keyboard 2

TouchPal Emoji Keyboard was announced one of the best apps in 2015 on Google Play Store. Well sure it is because it has got some nice feature set that might lure you to use it. I’ll not talk here about the emoji support here. Because it’s got all the popular emoji packs which you can download and install on it. Also, there is no GIF support.

Some cool features include a dedicated Edit mode for text in which you can cut, copy-paste. You also get a clipboard manager from where you can choose your copied text. Another feature is to resize the keyboard. If you feel the keyboard is taking more space or you want it to take more space then this feature might come handy.

Also, there is support for more than 150 languages. Apart from features there are customized ads at most places.

Do you want the new updated Android 6.x Emojis on your Android? Here’s how you can install them on your device.

4. Minuum Keyboard

Minuum Keyboard01
Minuum Keyboard 2

Minuum Keyboard provides some cool features along with emojis and GIF. Features including on keyboard gestures and managing the data that gets stored by the keyboard.On keyboard gesture includes swiping to the left to clear all and swiping to the right for space. Swiping on the corners will get Google Voice and Enter key.

Also, there’s a dedicated app for emoji and GIF developed by Whirlscape called Dango. We had shared about it before.

5. GIF Keyboard

Gif Keyboard 3
Gif Keyboard 2

If you want just a simple Keyboard without any fancy themes or backgrounds and unnecessary features then you should try GIF Keyboard by . It doesn’t have any themes to boast of, but what it does have is a good amount of emojis, GIF support and stickers. All clubbed in the keyboard itself.

A cool feature I liked was that you can switch between your stock keyboard and GIF keyboard. You just have to tap on the icon at the left of the space bar. So, if you don’t like the simple layout of this keyboard then you can switch to the stock keyboard. When you want to add GIFs or stickers then you can switch back to this keyboard.

Your Suggestion

If I missed a keyboard app that is good enough to be added in the above list then do suggest it down in the comments.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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