4 Chrome and Firefox Extensions to Unhide Passwords

We often mistype our passwords in a hurry. And yes, we clear the whole password because we are not sure if we typed it correct. But, what if you could quickly view the password instead of dots or asterisks in your browser? That way even if you mistype it you will know where you typed it wrong.

View Password Instead Of Dots
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There are some manual ways of doing it through developer tools of the browser by changing the password field of the form to text. But, this process can be easily automated using an extension or plugin.

So, here I’d like to show 4 plugins and extensions for both Chrome and Firefox that will let you quickly view your password in text form. Yes, that will expose your password. So, you need to make sure no one is around you when you do it.

Chrome Extensions

1. ShowPassword

View Password On Hover

ShowPassword is a simple extension that will show the password in text form in four different ways. Four different options including mouse hover, double clicking the password field, on focus – single click on the password field, and pressing the Ctrl key.

Chrome Extension Options 1

For the mouse hover option, you can set the hover wait time which is millisecondsMouse hover can be particularly helpful if there is someone around and you’d like to quickly view the password. Taking the cursor off the password field will bring back the dots.

2. Password Revealer

Password Revealer is another simple chrome extension that will let you see the password. You only get one option with it, that is a mouse hover. There’s not much to it. But, it does this one thing perfectly.

Do you want a quick and simple way to encrypt files no matter where you are? Here’s our guide on how you can do it.

Firefox Extensions

3. Show My Password

Show My Password Firefox

Show My Password for Firefox works the same as above Chrome extensions. You get two options here. Hover your mouse and double click to view the password. You can customize the settings for it. You can set the delay time for both unhiding the password and hiding the password.

Show My Password Firefox Options

You can also change the password field background color and password text color. Setting a color scheme of a light color will prevent some person standing at a distance to see the password. That way only you will be able to see it.

4. Unhide Passwords

Unhide Passwords is a pretty straightforward extension that will show you type and will hide the passwords when you click outside the password field. Clicking on the password again will show it as text. You get options to turn that off and also set password style. Here, if you choose to set the style then use a light color for text.

Unhide Password Firefox Options

Did you forget your Mac’s password? Here we’ve shown what to do when that happens.

Use a Password Manager

If you’ve got many online accounts then using a Password Manager will be a wise move. No need to face such hassle of mistyping passwords. Password managers let you easily save your passwords and also encrypt them for safety. There are some really great password managers like LastPass and 1Password that will let you manage your Passwords securely.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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