3 Chrome Extensions to Help Your Eyes in the Dark

Research and Studies show that people working at Night (the ‘Night Owls’) are quite a bit smarter than those that don’t. Maybe you’re researching a topic or watching videos on YouTube, web pages with a white background can surely strain your eyes in the dark. So, here’s your time to act smart.

Eye Friendly Web Pages At Night
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Previously we had shared about how to make your monitor display eye-friendly as the day passes. Here, we’d like to share some Chrome extensions that will make your Chrome browser easier on the eye in the dark, as you browse the web.

1. Turn Off the Lights

Turn off the lights is a feature pack Chrome extension to control how web pages should be displayed at night. It turns the background of web pages to black so that you can easily ready the text or watch videos without straining your eyes. The most basic version of this Chrome extension works as a switch. Clicking on the extension will make the web page go dark and clicking on it again will bring it back to normal.

Turn Off The Lights Black Background

Another cool feature you get is specifically for watching YouTube videos. The YouTube video page goes dark except the video frame. You can even add visual effects to the frame as shown below. It works only on HTML5 videos. You can even add filters to YouTube videos 

Turn Off The Lights Visual Effects

You can set automatic dimming of lights. Also, add specific websites which should automatically get dark when opened with specific dimming percentage. You get complete control over how the web pages should behave at night. The settings are self-explanatory so you shouldn’t have any problem with tweaking the settings according to your needs.

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2. Care Your Eyes

Care Your Eyes is a Chrome extension that provides different modes to control the look of web pages. Unlike the above extension, Care Your Eyes automatically adds a black filter to whichever page you open. It’s actually not a black filter but an eye pleasing filter.

Care Your Eyes Facebook Page

I can give you surety that the filter above is really eye pleasing. Well, if you’d like to change it to a different color/filter then there’s a Reseda Mode in which you can completely customize the look and feel of the website. In fact, specific elements can be targeted.

Reseda Mode

Also, you can add specific websites to blacklist or whitelist so that they appear the same or different based on the mode you set.

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3. Chrome in the Dark

Well, if you think the above extensions have too much to offer and you just want an extension that can give you just a black filter overlay on your web pages then you should use Chrome in the dark. It gives you two options. You can reverse the color of the web pages or add a black filter to dim down the page. Below is a reverse colored web page.

Chrome In The Dark Google

There are not many options available. But, this can a be a perfect solution if you want to quickly dim down the page in just one click.

Native Chrome Support?

There’s is no native Chrome support available. But, it can be a great addition. Well, there’s a reader mode available for Windows (also, on Android) but no dark theming.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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