Access Songs of Your Favorite Genre With this Chrome App

Did you ever use Streamus? It was one of the first Chrome extensions to provide free music streaming from YouTube. It was one of the quickest ways to access music in just a few clicks. Thereafter, came UpNext that went even further to let users stream music not only from YouTube but also from other music services. Both these services provided instant access to music from our Chrome browser. Now let’s go one step even further. Why not instantly access the most popular songs of your favorite genre?

Instant Music Chrome App
Instant access to your favorite music.

Well, the Chrome application that I’m going to show you today does exactly that.

The Fall of Streamus: If you’ve been one of 300,000 users of Streamus Chrome extension. Then you must be knowing that the service is no longer available. In fact, it got thrown off from Chrome Web Store by YouTube. YouTube claimed that it was hindering the video streaming service by bypassing the video (along with ads) and streaming only the audio. The developer suggested to add a YouTube video frame to the music player panel but Google won’t hear a word. After a long fight, it got removed from the Web Store. Read the full story here.

Instant Music Chrome App

Instant Music is a Chrome application that lets you instantly access your favorite songs and also the most trendy songs of the favorite genre. Yes, we don’t use Chrome applications very often like extensions. But, this one might lure you to add the Chrome app page to your bookmarks bar. So, let’s dig in and see if it really can do that.

First, let me explain how this Chrome app works. Basically, what it does is that it fetches the iTunes charts from various genres and displays them on the screen categorized in particular genres. And, after doing so it lets you play the corresponding music video right off YouTube. Yes, that video frame was necessary after what happened with Streamus. Though, ads don’t show up.

There are not many features to offer. It’s in beta. It has a simple user interface to control music.

Instant Music Player Control

You also control the song from YouTube’s video frame. The iTunes charts are displayed as a list with the option to add them to your favorites folder.

Instant Music Rankings

On the left, you get all the genres listed. Also, it looks like the developer is South Korean. So, the South Korean’s online Music service Melon has also been added.

Instant Music Sidebar

Hitting the heart button will add the song to the favorites folder. Also, the must-have Search feature is also available. It works fine. Search results are all pulled from YouTube’s search engine. Though sometimes it doesn’t work.

Instant Music Search

Not to forget keyboard shortcuts:


Play/Pause: Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow

Next Song: Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow P

Previous Song: Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow

Repeat This: Ctrl + Shift + L


Play/Pause: Command + Shift + Down Arrow

Next Song: Command + Shift + Right Arrow

Previous Song: Command + Shift + Left Arrow

iOS User? Here’s how you can turn YouTube into a Music streaming player.

Instantly. Really?

It’s true you can quickly access POPULAR songs from your FAVORITE GENRE. But, accessing the Chrome app and actually playing the song, that ain’t instant. Well, one thing you can do is create shortcuts for Chrome apps to quickly access them.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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