5 Additional Uses of Samsung Galaxy S7’s Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint sensors are becoming a prerequisite on every Android device and are not something only limited to flagship phones, these days. These fingerprint sensors provide a comfortable and secure way to unlock the device and a user no longer has to provide a PIN or pattern to unlock his device. However, these sensors are not limited to unlocking the device and depending on the phone, developers integrate various additional features like launching apps, releasing the camera shutter or even locking the 3rd party apps.

Samsug S7 Fingerprint Sensor Use 2

These additional features really make the sensors worth so much more and today we are going to see what are some of these additional features you can get with your Samsung Galaxy S7’s fingerprint sensor. As the Samsung fingerprint API is open to developers, and with the Marshmallow update, Samsung Galaxy S7 brings in the perfect combo and here are the 5 best use cases you can put the fingerprint sensor to, apart from unlocking the phone.

1. Lock Apps

Using fingerprint for the lock screen is protects your device from unauthorized access, but it’s always good to have a second layer of protection for important apps like Gallery, File Manager, WhatsApp and so on. If you have smart unlocks on your device, the second layer of protection will always make sure your data is safe from prying eyes.

App Lock Using Finger Print 2
App Lock Using Finger Print 1

As I mentioned, Samsung Fingerprint API is open for developers, you can use with 3rd-party apps to lock other apps and there are quite a few apps available on the Play Store. However, App Lock from Keep Safe is one of the best out there. For every other phone, the app allows the user to lock other apps using pattern or PIN, but a Samsung user with access to fingerprint sensor on the device can use that to secure various apps.

2. Auto Login to Websites

If you are using the default browser that’s provided with the Galaxy S7 and save your passwords of the most frequently visited websites, the fingerprint sensor can act as a second layer of security while filling out the credentials. The settings can be turned on from the Fingerprint Settings located in Security Settings.

Samsung S7 Fingerprint Uses 2
Samsung S7 Fingerprint Uses 5

Once enabled, every time you are on a page that requires your saved credentials, you will get the popup to verify the fingerprint and if it’s a match, you will be auto-logged into the website.

3. Purchase Apps on Play Store

For security reasons, every time you purchase a paid app on the Play Store, you are required to type in your Google credentials to make the purchase. However, with the Samsung Galaxy S7, you can enable the option of fingerprint authorization and then use the fingerprint rather than typing the password every time.

Samsung S7 Fingerprint Uses 1

This is a Marshmallow feature and was first seen on the Nexus devices. You can configure the settings to ask password every 30 mins or every time you make a purchase.

4. Use Home Button Without Pressing the Button

While the recent apps and the back keys are touch buttons, you need to press the home button which is so old-school, if you don’t come from an iPhone background. Most of us don’t want to press the button rather a simple touch like the one present in OnePlus 2 would look better.

Samsung Home Button

So if you agree with me and would like to use the fingerprint sensor as an alternative for capacitive touch button, you can install and use the app easyHome for Samsung from the Play Store. We have already covered how you can use the app which you can have a look at for better insight.

Note: You might want to disable the quick camera launch gesture of double tapping the home button while using the app.

5. Integrate with 3rd Party Apps

Thanks to Marshmallow that comes with Samsung Galaxy S7, the fingerprint sensor can be used with the apps that support nexus imprints to add the extra layer of security. Apps like 1Password, LastPass, PayPal have already included the Nexus Imprint feature using which you can use the fingerprint to log into the app.

Samsug S7 Fingerprint Sensor Use 1

Here is a list of some of the app the apps that support Nexus Imprints and can be used on your Samsung Galaxy S7.


So those were the 5 interesting things you can use the Samsung Fingerprint sensor for. By the way, how is it is going with the Galaxy S7 and what are your views regarding the fingerprint sensor? Don’t forget to share your views in our discussion forum.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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