Best 7 Samsung Galaxy S7 Tips to Maximize its Potential

First of all, if you own a Samsung Galaxy S7, let me take a moment on congratulating you for your excellent purchase. The device is a great combination of beauty, performance and productivity and I am sure, you are loving working on it. For what I believe, it’s the best Galaxy device to date.

Best Tips For Samsung Galaxy S7

However, if you think you are not able to harness the full potential of your new smartphone, here are some nice tips for you to get you started. On the other hand, if you are thinking of buying one, these 7 features can help you make up your mind.

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1. Configure the Always On Display

According to Samsung, an average user turns on the display of his phone just to check the time or the apps that have fetched notification in the last few hours. While features like double tap to wake the phone might help in such scenarios, Samsung Galaxy S7 answers this issue with a rather intelligent approach and that’s the always on display. With a combo of Super AMOLED display and powerful processor, the black background helps save battery life and gives you the basic information every time you have a glance on the S7.

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The option is located in Android Settings—> Display —> Always On Display and you can choose to show content like Clock, Calendar or even images.

Samsung Galaxy S7 3
Samsung Galaxy S7 1

While you can select a lot of formats for clock and calendar display type, for images you only get a few choices that are based on black background. A user cannot add a personal image to Always On Display and I think it’s for the best to make sure there is no unnecessary battery drain.

2. Using Split Screen for Multitasking

Samsung has always emphasized on doing more with the device and thus we have seen different additions to their OS skin in the past, like sidebar app launcher, using which a user can work on multiple apps simultaneously. With Galaxy S7, you can work on two apps at the same time using the feature of split screen and unlike LG devices, the feature is not limited to just a few app.

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You can open any apps you have in the recent apps section in split screen and to get started, press and hold the recent app button.

Samsung S7

The phone will ask you to select the two apps you wish to open in split screen view. The first app you select will take up the top half of the screen while the second one will take the remaining half. However, you can increase or decrease the real-estate area of an app using the dividing line between the two apps. Not sure how things are gonna change with Android N, but for now, it’s a great feature.

3. Resize Application Screen

While the size and the form factor of the Galaxy S7 are just perfect, you can amend things a bit if you still having issues in reaching the top edges of your app. In the Advanced Setting, enable the Pop-up view gesture and you will be able to work on apps in a pop-up view by swiping downwards diagonally from either top corner of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S7 8
Samsung Galaxy S7 5

The feature lets you move the app anywhere on the screen and they will give you a floating bubble when the home button is pressed. You can even watch YouTube videos in a quarter of the screen and then work on another app in parallel. This way your YouTube always stays on top and plays the video for you. You can resize two or more apps and then move them freely on the screen. A very interesting feature, I must say.

4. Take Motion Photos

The Galaxy S7 camera comes with a feature called motion photo that takes a small video footage right before you press the shutter photo and then give you a video preview. While some say it’s similar to Apple Live Photos, well, I don’t think that’s the case.

Motion Photos

While Apple live photo can be shared using iMessages and other GIF means, these Motion Photos cannot be shared. Rather, they help a person to go back in time and take a snap of a moment he might have missed for a fraction of the second delay. The photo will not be of the highest resolution, but then something is better than nothing.

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The feature can be enabled from the Camera Settings while taking a photo using the rear camera.

5. Lock Screen Wallpapers

While the Always On Display feature is great, you can groove your lock screen too and change the image automatically from the photos you have saved on your gallery. To change the settings, head over to Settings —> Wallpaper —>  Lock Screen and then select the option from Gallery.

Tips And Tricks On S7 5
Tips And Tricks On S7 1

Now you can select as many as 30 different lock screen wallpapers and they will be changed at random each time you unlock the phone. While you are there, don’t forget to try the dynamic wallpaper much like the parallax effect you have on iPhone wallpapers.

6. Get iPhone Like Launcher and Ditch the App Drawer

If you are coming from an iPhone and the app drawer and home screen don’t make you conformable, the Galaxy S7 has included an experimental feature to help you out. Located under Galaxy Labs in Advanced Settings, you can turn on the option to show all the apps on the home screen and disable the app drawer.

Samsung Galaxy S7 2

This will disable the app drawer and you will see every app you have installed in series of pages right on your home screen just like you would have it on iPhone, with some widgets, of course. If you don’t want any widgets, just long press on it and choose delete.

7. Something Extra for Gamers Out There

Samsung Galaxy S7 is especially a good pick if you are a gamer. Not only does its high-end specs make every game run smoothly, the combo with liquid cooling and AMOLED display ensure you can play for hours. Located under Advanced Settings, you can turn on the Game Launcher and Game Tools.

Tips And Tricks On S7 4
Tips And Tricks On S7 2

Game Launcher is like a folder that holds shortcuts of all the games you have installed on your phone and makes it easy for you to  them from one place. You also get the option to reduce CPU power in order to save battery for extended gameplay. The Game Tools provide you some added options while you are playing a game, like recording the screen, disabling notifications and much more.

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I intend to cover this feature in depth in one of my next articles. So, stay tuned.


These were some of the tips you can use on Galaxy S7 to get the most out of the device. But that’s not all, the device comes with a powerful camera and also some amazing software enhancements that can help you to take better photos. So make sure you tune in next time when I cover some of the top tops of the Galaxy S7 Camera.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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