6 Amazing Calculator Apps Specifically for iPad Users

The iPad is a device which is commonly used by students. The larger screen area as compared to a phone, facilitates reading and web browsing better than most phones. However, what happens if you need to do a calculation? For some reason, Apple did not include their stock Calculator app on the iPad.

Ipad Calculator

Have no fear, though, there are several great options available to you which will be outlined below.

Note: I won’t get into the scientific functions of these calculator apps much in this review but they are definitely nice to have in an app for those of us in STEM

1. The Calculator for iPad – Standard & Simple

If you are looking for a bare bones basic calculator check out The Calculator for iPad.

The Calculator

2. Calculator

An alternative bare bones solution is Calculator. Please note, however, that the ads with Calculator can be quite annoying at times.


3. Calculator Pro for iPad Free – Standard and Scientific Calculator

Calculator Pro by Apalon gives users basic standard and scientific calculator functionality as well as a currency converter and the ability to customize the look of the app.

Calcpro Main

Another nice feature in this app is the currency converter. Just hit the conversion button in order to make it visible.

Calcpro Convert

If you ever need to refer back to an old calculation, your most recent ones are stored in a history bar for your convenience. Simply press the clock icon located in the top-left portion of the app’s screen in order to access this feature.

Calcpro Historyicon
Calcpro Historybar

Within the app settings, you can toggle on and off key press sounds and the calculation history bar.

Calcpro Settings

You can also choose from a variety of available themes.

Calcpro Othertheme

4. Calculator X Free: Metric, Currency and Unit Converter for iPad

Calculator X Free is quite a convenient app to have in your arsenal as it offers basic calculator functionality as well as a more advanced scientific calculator and conversion options.

Calcx Landscape

With Calculator X, users can quickly switch to a more basic calculator by holding their iPads in portrait mode.

Calcx Basic

A history of recent calculations can be viewed which is always a nice feature to have.

Calcx History

What is really awesome about this app is its extensive conversion capabilities. Click on the icon with the half arrows pointing in opposite directions in order to access this feature.

Calcx Conversion

You will be able to carry out conversions pertaining to several different fields. You will be able to carry out currency conversions and data rate conversions just to name a few. There are over 25 different conversion categories and over 450 units to choose from.

Calcx Unitconvert

5. Calculator for iPad Free

Calculator Free has several features which will be quite useful across several fields including STEM and financial fields. Don’t worry, it also works for if you just want to add 2 numbers.

Calcfree Main

If you just want to access the basic calculator functionality, simply hold your iPad in portrait mode and only the basic functions will be displayed.

Calcfree Normal

Landscape mode is where the fun begins, however. Firstly, in addition to the usual scientific calculator features, you have access to 1500 constants from the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Solar System and Chemistry that you can easy select for use in your calculations.

Calcfree Constants

You also have access to several functions used in the financial arena.

Calcfree Finance

Don’t let integration be your worst enemy. Use the integral calculation feature of this app instead.

Calcfree Integration

What’s great about Calculator Free as well is that when entering things like integrals into the app, you can choose to display your expressions in a more natural handwriting style.

Calcfree Natural

There is also the option of displaying the value of a function at a particular value.

Calcfree Evaluate

If you need to carry out a summation, the option is available to you as well.

Calcfree Summation

For your convenience, a comprehensive history of your previous calculations will be stored.

Calcfree History

There is also a tip calculator within the app for your convenience.

Calcfree Tip

If you choose to purchase the full version of this app you will have access to some additional features such as a unit converter, the ability to carry out calculations pertaining to date and time, there will be a formula library, a graphing feature, more statistics features, an equation solver, a base converter, more financial features and a periodic table of elements.

Quite the application we have here.

6. Calc Pro HD – Basic & Advanced Calculator for iPad Free

Calc Pro HD is  a comprehensive app, which provides the ability to carry out calculations across a wide variety of fields. This wonderful app clearly separates the different calculator functions which make finding all of the various features quite easy.

Calcprohd Main

For your convenience, when the iPad is being held in landscape mode, a history of calculations will be visible at all times.

Calcprohd Hist

In addition to the basic calculator functionality, you will have access to a scientific calculator.

Calcprohd Scientific

Base conversions are no problem with Calc Pro HD as this functionality is built into the app.

Calcprohd Baseconvert

You will also have access to a graphing feature which is great, considering that this app is free.

Calcprohd Graph

Conversion between different units is made easy, thanks to the unit converter tab.

Calcprohd Convert

You will be pleased to know that there is also a built-in currency converter.

Calcprohd Currencyconvert

In addition, there are several different constants which you will have access to for use in your calculations.

Calcprohd Constants

The Financial tab will no doubt be helpful to many.

Calcprohd Financial

You will also be able to make use of a variety of statistical functions from within the Statistics tab.

Calcprohd Statistics

Finally, there is a Date and Time calculator which you should find useful in your day to day activities for calculating time intervals.

Calcprohd Datetime

Calculator Free and Calc Pro HD are both great apps offering several features but what sets Calc Pro HD apart is how excellently it is organized.


Yes, Calculator Free and Calc Pro HD are awesome and offer several different features, but you simply may not need all of these features. So, if you are in need of a calculator for your iPad, think about what you would like to achieve and pick the app with the feature set which is most suited for your intended activities.

In any case, don’t hesitate to try them all if you must; they are all free. You will notice the ads within however but for the most part, they aren’t too intrusive.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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