How to Upload Multiple Photos to Instagram at Once

A new app is out that is going to solve a huge problem for power Instagram users: the ability to batch upload several photos to Instagram all at once. For a very long time, Instagram forbid all third-party apps from allowing its users to upload photos. Using the official Instagram app was the only way. It looks like Instagram has loosened up a bit.

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The Uplet app for Mac not only allows you to upload your photos to Instagram from a Mac, but you can upload multiple photos at once — without having to combine them in a collage. Since Instagram doesn’t support photo albums, the photos will just show up one by one in your friends’ feeds and on your profile. But Uplet works well and it doesn’t cost too much, so here’s what you need to do.

Batch Instagram Uploads with Uplet

Uploading multiple Instagram photos at once is pretty easy using Uplet for Mac. First, you’ll have to download the app from the Mac App Store. It’s currently on sale for $1.99, which is a steal compared to its normal price of a whopping $19.99. It all depends on how desperate you are to skip the tedious step of uploading Instagram photos one by one. Either way, try to snag the deal while you can.

Once installed, log in with your Instagram credentials.

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Then simply click Add Photos to browse your computer for the photos you want to upload.

Note: Bear in mind that since this is a Mac app, the photos you’re trying to upload have to be on your Mac. If you snapped them on your iPhone in preparation to upload them directly to Instagram, make sure you sync them over to your computer
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Select the photos and open them. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many you can upload at once. I was able to select 128 photos with no problem. (Please, though, for the sake of your followers and Instagram as a community, try to keep your batch uploads to just a few photos at a time.)

Here you’ll have a few customization options. Uplet supports Instagram’s recent change to allow various aspect ratios for photos besides just 1:1 square, so you can choose to upload the original or crop it to a square.

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You can also add a caption for each photo individually, so they don’t all have to have the same one. Just click using the arrows to browse through the photos you’re about to upload to add a caption for each.

Unfortunately, Uplet doesn’t include the ability to tag people or usernames — or even add filters for that matter. Glaring omissions, yes, but the app is brand new so hopefully the developers add it soon. You’ll have to add filters in advance using a separate app.

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When you’re all set, click Share All and you’re done. Check your Instagram profile to ensure they all uploaded successfully. (The more photos you’re uploading at once the longer it will take.)

Uplet as of now is the best and one of the only services for batch uploading to Instagram, so if you’re an Insta-junkie, it’s a must-have Mac app.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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