3 Best Chrome Extensions to Browse on the Web Faster

In today’s world, people love devices and services that are simple to use, beautiful to look at and fast in functioning. The Internet is getting faster and browsers are being built that can browse the web faster. So, in this world where services are trying hard to get fast, you too can make your web browsing experience more rapid from your side. Google Chrome, one of fastest browsers, has some really cool extensions that can help you browse the web faster.

Chrome Extension Browse Web Faster
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So, let’s have a look at them.

better Browser – Remove Pagination from Google Search

Do you think it’s annoying to click next on Google to go to the next page? You can simplify this process using better Browser. It turns the Pagination of Google search into a scrolling page. So, all the pages can be accessed by just scrolling. The next page starts loading as you starting scrolling through the current page.

Better Browser Autoscroll To Second Page

As shown in the above screenshot you can even jump to a specific page. Well, if you think you’ve just scrolled too much then you can hit the top button to get to the first page. Also, another feature is that it displays favicons for specific websites in Google search so that’s a plus one. There are other features like floating search panel and cancel button for Google search term that doesn’t seem to work.

This way you can browse on Google much faster than normal. If you want to eradicate pagination from other websites that provide it in their articles then you should use AutoPagerize. It works for most media websites.

Web Boost

Websites are made with a Web Standard that they need to follow. These basic web building blocks are available on all websites. Many scripts and chunks of code are mostly common among the websites. So, why not just store this code on your computer so that these websites need not download them every time you load them. These specific tasks can be easily done using the chrome extension called Web Boost.

Yes, browsers do store these scripts on your computer once access them. But, Web Boost is one step further. It analyses some common and advanced “web building blocks” of a website and stores them on your computer. Scripts used by Google Analytics and Adsense, share buttons and some common code used for specific elements like download buttons and navigation bars.

Web Boost

It’s open source and no data is sent to any server or downloaded on your computer.

Want to work faster on Chrome? Here are some quick ways to access Chrome settings that will help you work faster.

Selection Search

Wouldn’t it be cool to directly search the selected text on your favorite website with just one click? Selection Search is the chrome extension to bring you this feature. We know chrome has this feature for Google search but you can have this feature for other cool websites too.

Selection allows you add your favorite website to its search context menu so that you can quickly search a selected text.

Selection Search

As you can see in the above screenshot you need to add the website’s search URL to make it work. This process can be easily done with a cool shortcut that this extension provides. Just hit Ctrl + Alt + Click in the search form of the website and it will automatically give you the option to add the search URL to the menu.

Auto Add Search Engines

You can choose on how to open this search menu. You can open it with middle-click or left-click or just create a shortcut for specific website search. You can also add folder and separators in the menu.

Selection Search Menu

Some Other Known Extensions

Using an Ad blocker can notably increase the browsing speed of a website. If you tend to access your email accounts very often and have multiple Gmail accounts then you should use the extension Checker Plus for Gmail.

Android User? Here are some ad blocking browsers on Android.

Let us know did these extensions fasten your web browsing experience. Also, if you know any extensions that are worthy to stand up in this list then do mention them.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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