4 Chrome Extensions to Boost the Netflix Viewing Experience

Netflix has always been somewhat of a bare bones service. You log in, you browse through the titles, you click one and you watch — that’s it. There has always been little in the way of critic ratings, movie trailers or customization options for viewing. But just because Netflix is slow to add these useful features doesn’t mean we can’t rely on some awesome developers to get the job done.

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The Google Chrome Web Store has a number of impressive Chrome extensions that significantly enhance and expand upon the Netflix experience. Some apps promise to get rid of the letterboxing, add in IMDb ratings and trailers and plenty of other features you’ve always longed for on Netflix. Here are the top four free Chrome extensions to improve the Netflix website.

1. Super Browse

The Super Browse Chrome extension claims to allow you to search through Netflix’s “secret” categories. Netflix already has a number of categories for TV shows and movies but apparently they get far more specific so you can narrow titles down to precisely what you want to see.

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Upon testing the extension, it turns out Netflix does have some secret categories. The extension adds a Super Browse navigation button at the top of the page. When you hover over this you can see all of the additional categories Netflix has been hiding — several dozens — and can search through these categories too. You can’t search for individual titles though and unfortunately, this won’t reveal any new content.

2. NEnhancer

NEnhancer adds a few features to Netflix movie and TV show thumbnails. When you hover over, underneath the description you’ll also be able to now see the IMDb rating, critic and audience ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and a link to view the trailer in a pop-over window.

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When NEnhancer does work, it’s super handy for filtering out bad titles before you get the chance to watch them.

3. Netflix Party

Netflix Party takes Netflix and chill to an entirely new level — although it could be either a level up or a level down depending on how you look at it. This extension allows you to invite anyone to a virtual viewing party. The icon sits quietly in Google Chrome’s toolbar until you start watching something on Netflix. Just click it, share the automatically generated link with whoever you want to watch with and enjoy. A chat panel shows up on the right side so you can talk about the show as it happens too.

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4. Ultrawide Display Aspect Ratio for Netflix

Ultrawide Display Aspect Ratio for Netflix (quite a mouthful) does a few things for your Netflix experience depending on your device. If you’re viewing Netflix on a wide 21:9 screen, this will get rid of the letterboxing that frames standard 16:9 content on Netflix’s website.

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Additionally, if you’re still experiencing letterboxing on a display with a more standard aspect ratio (16:9, 16:10, 4:3) the extension gets rid of vertical letterboxing on the left and right by zooming in and chopping off the top and bottom of the video. What this means, either way, is that you get an image that fills your entire screen without any black borders.

Between Netflix party, a full view of your content, secret categories and more, you’re on your way to being a true Netflix pro.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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