4 Android Alarm Apps that Will Force You to Wake Up

Let’s say you’ve got a project submission the next day and you worked the whole day and night and slept only for a few hours. In such tiresome work and stress, it’s hard for anyone to wake up on time. You need someone to force you to wake up. Well, that “someone” might be just like you. So, instead of relying on someone else, why not rely on your smartphone. Your smartphone can be equally effective. In fact, is much more reliable.

Android Alarm Apps
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So, here I’d like to present you Android alarm apps that will force you to wake up from your bed. It will keep ringing until you finish the task that is assigned. We had shared before some android alarm clock apps long ago. So, here are some new Android apps for the ones who have difficulty getting out of bed.

1. Alarmy

Do you want to hear some really annoying sound to wake you up? Alarmy is here to deliver those most hectic annoying sounds. And, not just sounds but tasks too.

Start by setting your wake up time. Next, in the settings of the alarm choose the ringtone. To get those annoying sound you need to select Loud Ringtone.

Alarmy Loud Ringtone

Then select your Alarm off method. Here, you can select among different methods – including take a picture, shake your phone, solve a math problem or scan a QR-code.

Alarmy Alarm Off Method
Alarmy Alarm Off Method 2

It won’t stop ringing until you complete the task. Now, after the task is completed you get to see News and Weather in the app itself to get you up and running for the day already.

Alarmy News And Weather
Alarmy News And Weather 2

Well, along with all of that you get many ads too. You’ll need a Pro account to get rid of them.

2. Shake-it Alarm

Shake-it Alarm is similar to Alarmy but with the different set of tasks. In shake it alarm, you get following tasks:  Shake it off, touch off and scream off. Yes, screaming is in actual task added. That will help other people to wake up too.

Shake It Alarm 1
Shake It Alarm 2

In the alarm settings, you can set the difficulty level – High, Normal, and Easy. Among the three tasks, there is also a random mode that will give you any of the three tasks. New task every day.

You actually hard to complete the task. I selected the Touch Off task. I had to tap on the penguin several times to stop the ringing of the alarm. Also, a meter on the top will show you how much of the task is completed. Well, imagine the same for screaming on high difficulty level. And, for shaking. You’ll surely develop a strong arm.

You don’t get a set of annoying sounds for the ringtone but you do get those annoying ads. Other then that after the task is completed you get News and Weather grabbed from Google News feeds.

3. AlarmMon

Well, if you’re into animated series or like animated characters then AlarmMon would be the best for you. It gives you tasks in the form of a game. When you set your alarm you need to select a character. And, you’ll get a task or a game related to that character. As it is Korea-based Android app, you’ll see the character of Korean bands too.

Alarmmon 1
Alarmmon 2

After completing the small game or task you get a gift. Gifts are mostly new character. You can also buy the new characters from the app itself. It has all the basic functions as shown in the above app. It pretty cool app and well built. But, I’d recommend this to Koreans only.

4. Mimicker Alarm

Mimicker Alarm 1
Mimicker Alarm 2

Mimicker Alarm is an alarm app by Microsoft. We previously shared about it in the list of must try android apps by Microsoft. The app has its own set of tasks. Here the task includes – taking a selfie, taking a photo that matches the specified color and speaking a tongue twister. After you’ve completed the task you can share it with friends and show them how you woke up.

iOS user? We also got a list of best Alarm clock apps for iOS. Check it out.

Tell Us Your Experience

Personally, I liked Alarmy. Those annoying ringtones and practical tasks are all that I want. Do tell us your experience and which app you liked the most. And yes, don’t ever stress out, you just get one life, enjoy it fully. Sweet dreams.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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