Top 3 iOS Apps to Remember Where You Parked Your Car

If you live in an urban area flooded with parking lots and parking meters, you know how much of a first-world pain it is to try and find your parked car after you leave. Yet, even those of us in the suburbs innocently parking in a shopping plaza deal with this nuisance pretty frequently too. So, like anything else, let’s have our smartphones help us out with our travel woes.

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In the earlier years of the App Store, you often had to pay for apps that would track your parked car. But not only have these apps gained more features, many of them are now free. So here’s a list of three iOS apps that can remember where you parked your car and even help you get back to it.

1. Find My Car

Find My Car is the only paid option on this list, but there’s a reason for that. Right now it’s arguably the best app in the App Store for finding your parked car. It’s for those who are extremely busy or extremely forgetful because it has every feature under the sun you could possibly need.

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On top of saving the location of your parked car on a map, Find My Car also lets you optionally take a photo of your car in the parking space to familiarize yourself with the surroundings, set a timer for parking meters and add in notes about the parking space. You can’t possibly go wrong with all of this information. Plus, when you’re ready to return to your vehicle, the app will give you walking directions back. Your car will never be lost again.

Find My Car is $1.99 for iPhone and handily for Apple Watch as well.

Note: Don’t go searching through the App Store for this one. There are tons of apps called “Find My Car” and you won’t know where to start. Use the direct iTunes link

2. Follow My Car

What I like about Follow My Car is its simplicity and extreme ease of use. Unlike Find My Car, the bells and whistles available are tucked away in a menu. Most users probably just quickly need to save a location and not much more anyway.

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Open Follow My Car and tap the Car icon at the bottom to save your current location. When you’re ready to get back to your vehicle, tap the Flag icon at the bottom to get back to it via walking directions. It’s as simple as that.

If you tap your car location while you’re still parked, you can optionally add a note, photo or parking meter timer too but these are otherwise nicely hidden if you don’t need them.

Follow My Car is a terrific option on iOS at the low, low price of free.

3. QuickPark

QuickPark is geared more toward drivers in the big city, since right away when you tap Park My Car it asks you to set up the meter timer. It’s not necessary, though. QuickPark also has a unique feature in which you can record a voice memo about your car if you’ve parked in a complex area like a convoluted parking garage.

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When your day is complete, just tap Find my car to get directions and listen to your optional voice memo. You can also check the scrolling ticker ahead of time for updates on the distance from your car and time remaining.

QuickPark is also free and available for iPhone.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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