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When Facebook came out, people started scrambling and asking what the next big social network would be. That ended up being Twitter. Then when Twitter grew, people started asking the same question again. It looks like after quite a few years now, one app might be the answer. Its name is Peach.

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Peach has been getting a decent amount of press lately for potentially being the new Twitter. It’s a free, lightweight app for iOS and Android that essentially just wants you to share whatever is on your mind. You can add photos and animated GIFs too, but Peach still takes a very different approach from Twitter. So lets check out Peach and what sets it apart from the veteran social networks below.

Only time will tell if Peach makes it big.

How to Use Peach

The main attraction of Peach is that it looks somewhat like you’re sending a text message when you’re actually posting a status update. When you sign up for the app, you can tap your own name at the very top to view your profile and write something. If you write something, it displays as your status update to all your friends (or the public depending on your privacy settings) until the next time you update it.

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If you keep posting updates, you’ll notice your profile looks just like a conversation without replies. People can instead like or comment on your posts, which is closer to Facebook’s approach to communication.

Back on Peach’s Home feed, you can see all the posts from everyone you follow. This is where Peach stands out from the crowd. The social network focuses way more on the individual people you care about over their constant flow of posts. As such, Peach will only display someone’s name and the most recent update they shared. You’ll have to tap that name to view the profile and see their full history if you want to interact with anything more. It does this so one person can’t flood your entire Home view — each person you know gets the same amount of attention via their single, most recent post.

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Peach also lets you post photos and animated GIFs, though these won’t show up in the Home feed, just your profile when your followers tap to see more. Next to the Camera icon is also an Ideas icon that will essentially ask you a question to provoke a response worth posting.

What Peach is Not

What arguably makes Peach so fascinating is how many features it leaves out on purpose. It harkens back to the days of early Twitter when the social network focused on 140 characters of text and nothing more. Now that Twitter has grown to include polls, full-sized images, videos and plenty of clutter, Peach fills the hole for minimalism it left behind.

Tip: One feature Peach does include that seems to contradict the minimalist theme is the ability to change your Home feed wallpaper. Tap the Settings

Peach doesn’t have mentions or hashtags and it doesn’t really even fully have a public timeline. You can’t go searching around for other posts and trending topics, you can’t retweet or reblog other posts. You can’t even yet search for people to follow unless you have the direct username.

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The largest Peach goes outside the reach of the people you follow is letting you also view friends of friends. This can give you some ideas of who else to follow and how to expand your personal network.

Right now, Peach is just a way to share your thoughts with maybe a link or a photo and that’s really it. But that’s the thing: the magic in Peach lays in what it isn’t. There are no bells and whistles, no overt methods of self-promotion; it’s all about what you want to say and what your friends want to say.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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